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The Vertical

Here at The Vertical, we're dedicated to giving you an inside look at what it takes to curate a successful pop-up business.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your pop-up business to the next level, The Vertical is the place to be.

Visual Merchandising 101

“My advice for retailers who want to create Instagram-worthy merchandising is to always keep the customer in mind,” says Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lionesque Group. “It’s great to be...

Books, Podcasts + More

The books I read for business have been really imperative to shaping our growth and mindset at Vertical Ledge. Neither Andrey nor I went to school for business, and while...

How's Your Customer Experience?

This week’s Wellness Wednesday focused on “The Gold Standard; Giving Your Customer What They Didn’t Know They Needed” by Colin Cowie. Small Business worksheet Colin is the real deal when...

Business Ownership Mindset

Consumer mindset VS Business Ownership mindset? Consumer mind is focused on: Buying, getting, receiving Finding deals, comparing products, and getting value from their dollar Being responsible about where their money...

#20: Email Foundation Building

Dear future self, I am starting my email list foundations so when it is time, I can start to build upon this strong foundation. I will honor the stage of...

Market Booth Set Up + Tips

Are you stuck with your market booth? Sydney, owner and founder of Vertical Ledge, has set out to help you with your market booth set up. What are the main...

#15 Monthly Marketing Plan

If you simply plan on seeing what happens, you will always succeed at seeing what happens because something is garuenteed to happen” -Eric Ries  Monthly Marking Plan Do you feel...

#14 Lifestyle Selling

What is lifestyle selling? At its core, it is storytelling at its finest. Lifestyle selling is when a brand evokes connection, and emotions to a product by showcasing the quality...

What to say in your IG stories?

As I have grown Vertical Ledge, I always wanted to show up online for the community development side of the business. Little did I know that stepping into an uncomfortable...

Branding Your Handmade Business

  What is a brand? Overall experience a customer undergoes when interacting with a business as a shopper, customer, social media follower, or mere passerby Typically comprised of a name,...

Pinterest 101

What can Pinterest offer your business? You may think that Pinterest is where you go to find ideas and inspiration but it can also be a tool to drive traffic...

Stand out and be remembered.

Stand out and be remembered. Tips on how to merchandise your items and make sure you stand out at market events! Make sure that regular customers easily find their way...

Experience your booth as a customer.

Displaying small products, such as delicate jewelry, pins, rings, earrings or necklaces is a real challenge. It might seem that there is nothing easier because all the goods fit in...

I love the way you talk about the science behind visuals and give helpful tips to people who can’t invest just yet. It’s all so so good and I cannot WAIT to have my Vertical set up for markets. I wish I could put into words how much I love your company and brand!

Beountiful Candle Co Handicraft Artisan

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