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Crafty Cai: How Vertical Ledge Transformed Her Market Booth

At Vertical Ledge, our mission is to empower small business owners and makers by providing them with versatile and visually stunning display stand solutions. We understand the importance of creating an impactful presence at markets and events, which is why we offer portable, lightweight, and beautiful displays that elevate the showcasing experience. 

In this case study, we are excited to introduce Crafty Cai, a talented maker who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of Vertical Ledge displays. 

Join us as we delve into Cai's journey, exploring the pain points she faced, how she discovered Vertical Ledge, and the remarkable impact our displays have had on her brand presentation. 

Cai's story is a testament to the positive changes that can occur when passion, craftsmanship, and exceptional display solutions come together. Let's dive in and discover how Vertical Ledge helped Crafty Cai stand out in the bustling market scene.

What was your biggest struggle with displays at markets before VL?

“I didn’t know how showcase my products on a table”

Before Crafty Cai discovered Vertical Ledge, her market setup experience was filled with challenges. 

As a petite woman, the heavy and bulky market tables proved to be a significant pain point. Cai recalls, "The folding table was heavy," and she often required assistance from her husband to set it up. The difficulties didn't end there. 

Cai found it challenging to make her products look appealing on a table, and she expressed her frustration, saying, "I didn't know how to showcase my products on a table." She encountered the common issue of people inadvertently moving her items around, making it difficult to maintain a consistent and attractive display. 

Cai describes her pre-Vertical Ledge experience as a struggle. Little did she know that a game-changing solution was about to transform her market booth setup.

How did you discover Vertical Ledge display stands?

“I was mind blown”

Crafty Cai's journey with Vertical Ledge started with a serendipitous scroll through Instagram. As she stumbled upon our displays, Cai was immediately captivated by our aesthetic appeal. 

Recalling her experience, Cai told us "I was mind blown!" It was a revelation for her to discover that the solution she needed was out there "They exist!" 

This marked the beginning of a transformative partnership between Crafty Cai and Vertical Ledge, taking her market booth to new heights.

What was your biggest selling point?

“I can go and set up by myself”

One of the biggest factors that led Cai to purchase Vertical Ledge displays was the desire for independence in setting up her booth. She expressed her concern for her husband, stating, "I felt bad for my husband having to carry everything." 

With Vertical Ledge, she found the solution she was looking for. Cai was looking forward to the prospect of being able to set up her booth on her own.

The attractive and eye-catching displays were also a significant selling point for her, as she recognized their ability to draw in customers. With Vertical Ledge, Cai found not only a practical solution but also displays that enhanced her brand's appeal and attracted people to her booth.

How was your market booth transformed?

“I feel really legit”

The impact of Vertical Ledge displays on Cai's market booth was nothing short of transformative. The increased attention and customer engagement kept her coming back for more.

She particularly appreciated how the rack allowed her products, like shirts, to face forward on the rack, presenting them in a more appealing way.

Cai even opted to get the kiosk, not just for its practicality but also because it made her feel more legitimate as a brand. 

The results were evident in her market experience, as she recalled the initial reactions from customers when using the cart, exclaiming, "The cart itself is marketing." 

The uniqueness of the displays set her apart from others, attracting a significant number of customers who were not only drawn to the cart but also stayed to explore her products. 

With Vertical Ledge, Cai experienced a newfound sense of confidence, being able to set up her booth independently and feeling more organized. The overall impact on her brand presentation was undeniable, with the displays attracting people and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Is it worth the investment?

For Cai, the decision to invest in Vertical Ledge displays was undoubtedly worth it. As she reflects on her brand's transformation, she wholeheartedly affirms, "Definitely" worth the investment. 

The impact on her market booth, customer attention, and overall brand appeal has been remarkable. 

With her newfound confidence and the positive reception from customers, Cai is motivated to keep growing her brand. She aspires to one day pursue her passion full-time, thanks in part to the support and elevated presentation provided by Vertical Ledge displays. 

The investment has not only improved her current market experiences but has also paved the way for future success and expansion as a small business owner.

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