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Vertical Ledge is Here to Expand Your Business

Partnering with Vertical Ledge offers an exciting strategic opportunity to diversify and strengthen your product portfolio, opening doors to new market segments from small-scale entrepreneurs to large retail establishments. This alliance positions your company for dynamic growth and enhanced market presence, tapping into innovative and versatile display solutions that cater to a broad customer base.

Do you serve the same audience?

As a distributor, partnering with Vertical Ledge allows you to cater to a broad range of clients, from small-scale artisans and home-based businesses to larger retailers and event exhibitors.

Does your audience have the same needs?

Vertical Ledge product offerings are versatile, designed to meet the display needs of various industries including independent boutiques, craft fairs, and large-scale trade shows.

Want to sell Vertical Ledge in your Region?

Vertical Ledge is expanding the designer line to areas outside the US. If you are interested in distributing, we have outlined all the FQA here.

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