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Recycled Materials

Baltic Birch

What is Baltic Birch?

This type of plywood gets its Baltic name from the area the trees are harvested from, the Eastern European Baltic Sea region.

Baltic Birch comes in various hues making the displays beautifully unique and different each time. Each item's picture color will not perfectly match your items.

Vertical Ledge uses B/BB graded wood. This is the second highest grade BB you can get. Vertical Ledge DOES NOT control what each sheet of plywood holds as far as grading- it is based on the supplier’s grade.

B/BB means that one side with being very close to perfect, while the flip side will have slight variations like football patches, stripes, and hues of warmth/cold.

Supplier definition:

“Single piece face and back veneer. Face veneers are considered clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. The back allows 3-6 color-matched patches, which are oval in shape and egg-sized. Inner cores are solid birch single-piece veneers.”

Is Baltic Birch Durable?

Baltic birch plywood is composed exclusively of birch veneer (thin sheets of birch wood) compressed and bonded together. Each layer of birch veneer is the same thickness, resulting in a more consistent, void-free, stable, and aesthetically attractive sheet of plywood.

The edges of Baltic birch plywood have an attractive stacked line pattern (achieved by alternating the orientation of each inner ply), making it a particularly popular material to use when an exposed plywood edge is desired. The front and back veneers are typically thicker than the top-level veneers used on other types of plywood.

This makes Baltic birch plywood more durable and less prone to chipping or sanding damage. Once bonded, the entire sheet is laminated in exterior grade adhesive, further increasing its strength and stability.|

What is the indent on my stand where the shelves come together?

The indent of RAW material on the slots of the legs + shelves are intentional and allow for cross-stand, cross-purchase product fit. Meaning, if you buy a stand past 2022, next year if you want the same stand in 2023, you can ideally order and not need to keep the parts separate.

This is what allows us to sell additional shelves now.

This allows for the best fit across any batch of Baltic Birch.

This allows for the weather to no longer affect the tolerance and fit of the shelves.

Can I paint this wood?

Staining the stands is perfectly fine- check out YouTube videos on how to stain Baltic-Birch Plywood and you have everything you need to know. We do not advise our customers to stain the stands.

We do not encourage our clients to paint the stands as the tolerances might be ruined deeming the stands too tight a fit to easily be assembled and disassemble. That being said, we have not personally tried painting the stands and if we do- we will upload a video on how to do so effectively.

Can I use this material outdoors?

Outdoor Precautions

Vertical Ledge does not recommend using these units outdoors or in windy areas.

For wood Protection and care:

Bee Wax 

This is ideal for the front and back- be warned that it will make the RAW edges darker or more rich in color 

For windy areas:

Tent Weights

For areas that you need to secure from wind 

Usually required at outdoor markets anyways

Can we secured with string to the bottom of the board through peg holes

Again, peg boards are not recommended for windy areas

Tent Side Walls

Help break the wind with side walls 

Not guaranteed to help prevent falling over 

Was recommended by other artisans with our stands

For rainy areas: 

Rubber Bumper Option 1

Plastic heavy duty bummers- best recommended by VL team

Rubber Bumper Option 2 

Screw in very very gently to not split the wood layers-

Expert in wood option (would not recommend for someone who is not handy in wood crafts)

For grass/unlevel ground:

 Attachment for KIOSK leveling 

Pre-drills on the kiosk legs already exist, you will gently drill this onto your unit legs without brunt force- gently.

Acoustic Paneling

What is the acoustic paneling?

Environmentally friendly acoustic product made from recycled polyester plastics (up to 81% post consumer)Completely safe to human health, it is highly durable, and easy to work with.

Antimicrobial- unlike cotton and fabric acoustic products that can attract mold and mildew

Durable- easy to wash, and does not ding or break like paper and fiber based products

Long lasting- ability to absorb sound and still look good for 50 years or more

Safe - no chemicals, or itchy airborne particles for building users to ever deal with

Can it be cleaned?

Spot clean with a stain remover.

Lint roll as needed.


What is acrylic?

Poly(methyl methacrylate) is the synthetic polymer derived from methyl methacrylate. Being an engineering plastic, it is a transparent thermoplastic.

Excellent optical clarity & transparencyHalf the weight of glass


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