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Creating a Custom Display with Clever Fox Rum

At Clever Fox Rum, their business revolves around offering an exceptional product: ultra-premium, all-natural craft rum made in San Diego. As co-founders and big fans of craft rum, Nisse and her partner understand the challenge of finding the best options, often located outside the United States.

This realization led them to believe that if they were searching for good rum, there were surely others who shared the same desire. That's why they founded Clever Fox Rum—to bring customers the finest craft rum that embodies their passion for the art of rum-making and delivers delightful experiences. Read along as we interview Nisse about her journey with Vertical Ledge.

How did you find VL?

Nisse, co-founder of Clever Fox Rum, stumbled upon Vertical Ledge on Pinterest while in search of inspiration for beautiful booth displays that were minimalistic and pristine. Drawn to the fact that Vertical Ledge is a couple-owned company, Nisse felt an instant connection to our story.

Understanding that partnering with Vertical Ledge would require an investment, she took the time to evaluate if it aligned with Clever Fox Rum's business objectives. With a strong desire to create a distinct presence and differentiate themselves in their industry, Nisse recognized the immense potential value that Vertical Ledge could bring to her brand.

Inspired by our designs, she decided to start by purchasing the cart for tastings, confident that it would elevate the brand experience and set them apart in their space.

What were your pain points?

"From a branding perspective, we wanted to interrupt”

Before partnering with Vertical Ledge, Clever Fox Rum faced several pain points. They wanted to differentiate themselves from other companies by prioritizing aesthetics and creating a delightful and pleasing experience for their customers.

With a focus on elegance and a desire to stand out at events and shops, they needed a display solution that would showcase their unique and creative brand while allowing their elegant bottles to shine. 

How did you decide to reach out for a custom display?

After securing a spot at Total Wine and More, Nisse was determined to differentiate Clever Fox Rum as a brand from the "cardboard" and "overcrowded" look often associated with bigger rum companies.

 Traditional retail environments felt over-stimulating, and from a branding perspective, Nisse wanted to create an interruption that would capture attention. She expressed her desire to "find a company that has done this in an elegant way," recognizing that there must be others facing the same problem.

Seeking simplicity, adaptability, and a solution that would highlight her product, she embarked on a search for a company that could meet her needs. As she considered a DIY wood stand, she realized the importance of finding a professional and elegant display.

Understanding the significance of aesthetics and the power of a visually appealing display, she reached out to Vertical Ledge with a specific vision in mind. Recognizing the potential in collaborating with Vertical Ledge, Nisse saw an opportunity to bring her brand's essence to life and create a lasting impression on customers at Total Wine and More.

By partnering closely with the Vertical Ledge team, she aimed to transform her vision into a captivating and memorable custom display.

The Process

Through a comprehensive consultation call, we delved into the specifics of her requirements, gaining insights into her desired aesthetic, space limitations, and overall objectives. This collaborative approach allowed us to tailor our solution to Clever Fox Rum's unique needs, ensuring that the display would not only serve as a visually striking focal point but also seamlessly fit within the retail store environment.

With a deep understanding of Nisse's goals, Vertical Ledge meticulously designed and produced a display solution that truly did justice to Clever Fox Rum. The result was a display that captured the essence of the brand, showcasing its distinct identity while ensuring optimal functionality and practicality in a retail setting.

The collaboration between Vertical Ledge and Nisse was instrumental in bringing her vision to life, and the final display stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering custom solutions that exceed expectations.

How is the stand serving your business now?

“It disrupts, it's beautiful, and it has heart and soul"

The custom display created by Vertical Ledge is now serving Nisse's brand in unique ways. It successfully disrupts the traditional retail environment, capturing attention and creating a memorable experience for customers.

The display's beauty and attention to detail reflect the heart and soul of Clever Fox Rum, allowing the brand to stand out in a sea of competitors. By avoiding the corporate, cardboard look commonly seen in the industry, the display elevates Clever Fox Rum to a new level of sophistication and authenticity. It communicates the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting impression on customers and setting Clever Fox Rum apart from the crowd.

Learn more about Clever Fox Rum here.

Interested in a custom unit? Inquire here.

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I’m clearly biased, but this is a wonderful article! We loved every step of working with Vertical Ledge and recommend them to others all the time! Thank you so much!

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