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Brand Awareness: The benefits of showing up with Citizen Ruth

Introducing Jenn Lazar from Citizen Ruth

Throughout this case study, we explore the transformative impact of Vertical Ledge displays on Citizen Ruth's market booth experience, shedding light on the strategies, challenges, and successes that have propelled the brand to new heights.

Citizen Ruth, originally a jewelry brand founded in 2007, embarked on a remarkable journey from pop-up shows and art exhibitions to becoming a thriving wholesale business.

The constant traveling as a maker took a toll on founder Jenn Lazar's personal life, pushing her to seek new ways to expand her brand without sacrificing precious family time.

In 2016, she made the strategic move to Portland, where she opened a retail store in 2018 and established an art collective to showcase independent artists' work.

With products now sold in 800-1000 stores nationwide, Citizen Ruth continues to grow steadily while prioritizing cautious risk-taking.

Recently, Citizen Ruth reached significant milestones, including the successful launch of a new jewelry line on Faire, a prominent wholesale platform, and the inclusion of their creations in the esteemed New Fine Arts museum in New York.

Demonstrating their commitment to building connections, Citizen Ruth consistently attends the Urban Craft Uprising event in Seattle.


What was your booth missing before Vertical Ledge?

Citizen Ruth's participation in pop-up events and markets, like Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle, has been a strategic choice driven by undeniable value.

Before discovering Vertical Ledge displays, their booth lacked the necessary elements to truly elevate their brand presence.

Previously, Citizen Ruth utilized recycled displays originally designed for their jewelry line, which failed to align with the unique identity of Citizen Ruth as a brand.

The lack of cohesiveness and visual appeal prompted founder Jenn Lazar to seek a solution that would not only reflect their brand accurately but also provide ease of setup and tear-down, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience at each event.

How did you find VL? What was the selling point for you?

“The polished aesthetic was what I was looking for”

Jenn Lazar discovered VL displays at markets in the Pacific Northwest and immediately followed us on Instagram.

Drawn to the polished aesthetic she was seeking, she recalled, "The adaptability of being able to move things" stood out to her. After seeing VL's booth at PNW shows, she decided to replace her previous displays and purchased multiple units.

Jenn knew, "The polished aesthetic was what I was looking for," and praised VL's strong online presence.

The combination of VL's versatile displays and the consistent branding showcased on social media became the compelling selling points that captured Jenn's attention and led her to choose VL displays for her booth.

What impact have VL displays had on your experience?

"Looks a lot more cohesive" 

After implementing VL displays in her booth, Jenn Lazar noticed significant improvements in various aspects of her business.

She shared that her booth, "Looks a lot more cohesive" and "Looks very polished," highlighting the visual impact of the displays on the overall booth design.

The ease of assembly and compactness of the displays were also praised, as Jenn expressed, "they've served us well." With VL displays, Citizen Ruth now has dedicated staff members for their booth, and they feel confident in their ability to set up and tear down without any concerns about malfunctions.

This trust in the durability of the displays has brought peace of mind and allowed them to focus on delivering a seamless and engaging experience to their customers. The enhanced booth presentation has attracted more customer attention and generated positive feedback, while also capturing the attention of vendors. 

If a majority of your business comes from wholesale, why would you still do events?

"It's not hard to set up; it becomes second nature."

Despite having a retail location and a significant portion of her business coming from wholesale, Jenn still believes it's essential to participate in events and shows. One of the key reasons is to create awareness of their brand and establish personal relationships with customers and industry professionals.

Jenn acknowledges that participating in events can be grueling, but with the support of her staff, the workload becomes manageable.

The ease of setting up the booth plays a crucial role in her decision, with VL displays making the process significantly easier. As Jenn explains, "It's not hard to set up; it becomes second nature." The confidence she feels in her booth setup contributes to a more successful and engaging event experience.

By participating in shows, Citizen Ruth is able to strengthen their brand presence, forge personal connections, and cultivate lasting relationships within the industry.

Why would you invest in those events with high-end displays?

 "We make far above what it costs to go there."

Attending events and investing in the overall experience has proven to be highly beneficial for Citizen Ruth.

These events provide an excellent marketing opportunity for the store, allowing them to showcase their brand and products to a wider audience. Jenn recognizes the value of participating in these events, as they bring in substantial returns that surpass the costs involved.

The high-end displays certainly contribute to the success. By creating a captivating booth and engaging with customers directly, Citizen Ruth generates significant sales and builds brand awareness.

Jenn shares, "We make far above what it costs to go there." The events offer a platform to connect with customers, establish personal relationships, and foster brand loyalty.

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