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AO Organics: Boosting Brand Awareness with Vertical Ledge Display Solutions

Meet Chelsa Davis, the passionate founder of Ao Organics Hawai‘i, a brand that reflects her love for the ocean and the land. As a Native Hawaiian woman, Chelsa's upbringing instilled in her a deep respect for the natural world, which she now channels into her skincare and body products.

With a mission to provide women with natural and organic solutions, Ao Organics offers high-quality skincare and sun care products formulated with ethically sourced ingredients.

Chelsa's commitment to clean beauty is evident in her dedication to being eco-friendly, reef-safe, locally sourced, and cruelty-free. Through Ao Organics, Chelsa not only strives to help women achieve healthy, glowing skin but also aims to make a positive impact on the environment.

Get ready to embark on Chelsa’s journey with Vertical Ledge and how she has grown her brand through exhibition pop-ups.

Where it started

"I wanted us to look professional- not super crafty"

Before discovering VL displays, Chelsa faced a significant pain point in elevating her branding and creating a professional image for her booth and displays.

As she prepared for her first event post-COVID, Chelsa realized that her existing setup did not accurately reflect the level of expertise and professionalism she brought to her skincare business.

Despite her qualifications as a licensed skincare professional, people perceived her displays as DIY and not representative of a professional brand. Chelsa understood the importance of presenting her products in a way that exuded professionalism and instilled confidence in her customers.

She wanted her skincare line to be perceived as top-notch and not merely "crafty." Recognizing the need for a transformation, Chelsa was searching for a solution.

Discovering VL

"I knew it was the right investment to make"

As Chelsa was searching for inspiration and ideas to elevate her booth and displays for her event, she came across VL's eye-catching displays on Pinterest.

The biggest selling point that stood out to Chelsa when she discovered VL displays was the overall look and design. She was immediately impressed by the visual appeal of the displays, and she felt that they would elevate the presentation of her products in every aspect.

From the clean and professional appearance to the eye-level positioning, Chelsa knew that investing in VL displays was the right decision to make. The sleek and modern design of the displays perfectly aligned with her vision of creating a professional and captivating booth setup.

Chelsa recognized the value and impact that these displays would have on showcasing her products and attracting customers. 

How did your business transform?

"It's a thousand time over worth the investment"

Chelsa's brand vision was successfully realized with the help of Vertical Ledge displays, allowing her products to shine and be perceived at their true value.

The transformation brought about by the new set-up has had a profound impact on her business. She has experienced significant growth in the retail and event space, particularly in exhibition-type events, where her brand's clean and professional appearance stands out.

Chelsa's investment in creating a professional booth with eye-catching displays has proven to be worth every penny “a thousand times over”, as it aligns her brand with its desired image and captures the attention of customers and event attendees. The independent nature of being able to carry and set up her displays herself has given her a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency. 

How are VL displays serving her now?

"It would be difficult to portray my brand's value without your displays"

Vertical Ledge displays have become an integral part of Chelsa's brand, serving her business in remarkable ways. As Chelsa herself expresses, "I would not be happy doing events without your products."

The stands have elevated her brand's image, allowing her to effectively showcase the true value of her products.

Without the sleek and professional VL displays, it would be challenging for Chelsa to accurately portray the quality and worth of her brand. The accessibility and portability of the stands have made a significant difference in her retail endeavors.

She emphasizes that there is "nothing like it" when it comes to creating a seamless and professional retail experience. With the help of Vertical Ledge displays, Chelsa can confidently present her brand and products in a way that captivates customers and communicates her brand's value.

Having Multiple Booth Set-Ups

Chelsa's decision to invest in multiple booths was driven by the unique geography and opportunities in Hawaii. With Oahu being a bustling shopping destination, she purchased two sets of displays for both islands, allowing her to seamlessly travel between them for events.

One notable event she participated in was the Marine Monarch festival, a significant three-day event. When asked about the value of having multiple set-ups, Chelsa expressed her aspirations of venturing into larger trade shows beyond Hawaii.

She firmly believes that the investment in multiple booths is well worth it, considering the potential growth and exposure her brand can achieve in broader markets.


Chelsa's journey with Ao Organics showcases the power of investing in high-quality displays to elevate brand perception and achieve business goals. Dissatisfied with her previous booth and displays, Chelsa sought a professional set-up that aligned with her brand vision.

Discovering Vertical Ledge on Pinterest and Instagram, she recognized the perfect solution to showcase her licensed skincare products in a clean and professional manner. The transformation was remarkable, with Chelsa experiencing significant growth in the retail and event space. The investment in Vertical Ledge displays enabled her to portray her brand's true value and capture the attention of customers.

With the ability to travel between islands and participate in various events, Chelsa is expanding her reach and looking forward to future endeavors, including larger exhibitions.

The multiple set-ups have proven to be a worthwhile investment, enabling her to convey her brand's authenticity and professionalism wherever she goes. Chelsa's success story stands as a testament to the impact of well-designed displays in elevating brand presence and achieving business objectives.

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