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Crafting Holiday Decor: Embracing Handmade Artistry with Vertical Ledge's Founder Top 6 Picks

When it comes to curating a unique blend of artisanal treasures and celebrating the essence of craftsmanship, Sydney White, the visionary founder behind Vertical Ledge, stands at the helm. For the past 5 years, Sydney has devoted herself to sourcing exceptional handmade items from artisans across the globe, crafting a distinctive brand ethos and values that support the essence of shopping local and embracing handmade excellence.

1.Handmade Wooden Tree Set from Treow

Ideal for any wood themed holiday home- the perfect addition to any christmas village and MADE TO LAST- minimal upkeep- even less wear/tear.

Sydney White's keen eye for design has been instrumental in selecting and curating over hundreds of items that embody the ethos of Vertical Ledge. These handpicked treasures not only define the brand but also align with the core values it stands for—supporting local artisans and promoting the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. In fact, a staggering 90% of the props used within the business are handmade—a testament to the commitment towards celebrating craftsmanship and artistry.


2.Handmade Christmas Tree Candles from Maison Bohiti

These candles are flat out beautiful, never meant to burn but made to last a lifetime. We love these chrstimas tree decorations for cetner pieces all around the tables, and perfect for end tables! 

Not limited to business practices alone, Sydney has embraced the same artisanal essence within her personal space. Her home is a living testament to the philosophy she advocates, adorned with artisanal goods collected from various corners of the world over the last 5 years. Each piece holds a story, reflecting the artistry and cultural richness Sydney passionately endorses.

3.Handmade Neutral Garland from The Rainbow Barn

This garland was the perfect addition to utilize all around the house- from the fireplace garland, to the tree to even putting around the table centerpieces.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, where warmth and festivity fill the air, Vertical Ledge is excited to share a curated list of the top 6 handmade products perfect for adorning any holiday decor lineup. These selections encapsulate the artistry and craftsmanship that embody the brand's values and Sydney White's discerning eye for design.

4.Handmade Candle Stick Holders from Fabrique Deco

These beautifully crafted candle stickers are a statement pieces and recieve all the compliments- not just good for the holiday season- perfect all year round!

From intricate ornaments to cozy textiles and beyond, these handcrafted items not only bring charm and character to your holiday decor but also serve as a tribute to the skilled artisans who pour their hearts and heritage into each creation.

5.Handmade Wood Homes for Chirstmas Village from Piece of Work NW (no longer selling)

These beautifully crafted handmade homes were the modern touch we were looking for when it came to showcasing mini homes and a christmas village feel.

6.Handmade Comfort Mugs by Dust & Form

These are the mugs of dreams. The grip, the form, and the fresh morning coffee sits just perfectly. This is our go-to for gifts! 



Kate DuBois

I make macrame handbags, plant hangers, wall art, jewellery, and candles. I love making things that bring tactile enjoyment and I really love making all products that I love and I can see in one persons home

Maria L

I am a candle maker. I truly enjoy making candles since I am able to share my passion and candle art with others. My holiday list already includes some of Vertical Ledge table displays.

Ana Pro

We are The Serna’s Co. and we love handcrafting bath and body products. We love making them as they benefit the human skin and the world 🌎. Helping reduce the carbon footprint. Thank you so much for creating sustainable booth displays!

Vanessa M

I make small batch clay jewelry and greeting cards/stationery goods. I love the various techniques of clay making for jewelry—the different effects, color mixing, patterns, and textures. I transition between tactile jewelry making and graphic arts for greeting card and stationery design. The best of both worlds!


Hi! I am a collage artist and stationery enthusiast. I make collage art and handmade cards. Even if I didn’t have Caitlin Yarbro Paper Art, making would be a daily thing for me. I adore handmade gifts and goods. Small businesses are truly the best. I am obsessed with the texture of paper and all the fun snail mail I get to send when I both make and buy stationery.

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