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Accepted within 24 hours of delivery

Ships Worldwide

We ship all over the world


Shipping not free?

All our oversized items are NOT included in the shipping free promo. That is because they are oversized.

How long is shipping and processing?

Typically within 5-10 business days UNLESS otherwise stated on a PRE-ORDER option. All pre-order options are clearly labeled in each listing. Pre-ordering means, we have production happening, but not an exact date of delivery, just an estimate.

When do you ship?

Being a 2 person team, all our shipping happens on THURSDAYS of each week. Meaning, UPS will pick up in the evening, and if there are leftovers, they will go out Fridays depending on the season.

Where do you ship?

US shipping: We offer free shipping for orders over $150 in the continental US, with the exception of the Trio, Duo Collection Large (DCL), Aframe, Cart and DCL panel. These larger items ship for a $50 flat fee in the continental US.

International shipping: We DO ship worldwide! For orders not in the continental US, we use carrier-calculated rates, and add a 1% shipping insurance fee.

Can I cancel my order?

Within 48 hours of your order, you can request a cancellation. After that, the order has already been confirmed with the shop and has already cost VL time and money on your order.

Do you accept returns?

We charge 35% of each stand in your order restocking fee when a return has been approved. Due to the nature of our stands, we only accept return requests under the following circumstances:

The customer has contacted customer support within 24 hours of the item being delivered.

There are ZERO expectations if the item has been sitting for months until opened. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items within 24 hours of delivery to the customer’s delivery address.

The items show ZERO signs of being used at a show or event.

The refund will be processed within 10 business days of being shipped back to Vertical Ledge.

Again, Vertical Ledge charges a 35% restocking fee for any and each SKU that are returned regardless of condition.

All returns must be accepted by Vertical Ledge before being sent back.

The items are returned with a customer label. Vertical Ledge does not provide return labels or boxes.

Damaged Item Claims

Due to the nature of these custom stands, shipping insurance requires the following for our damaged item claims:

1. A claim must be filed within 45 days of shipping label purchase (not delivery date).

2. A claim must be made aware to VERTICAL LEDGE within 72 hours of a package being DELIVERIED to the customers house. THERE ARE 0 Exceptions. Do not wait weeks to open your custom package. This is absoutltey critical and non-negitiable.

3.Photos of damaged item AND internal and external packaging (Emailed or mailed, only.) Meaning, if the box is damaged upon arrival and you open it, you will void the claim to damages.

4.Photos must be of the entire unit, not jsut damaged areas so we can access damages.

5. Within 3 business days of the claim being made, the customer must verify the claim with our 3rd party insurance company or be charged for the replacement costs.

Customs/Duties International

Customs clearing charges will be applied to packages shipped to Canada and Australia as items are made here in the USA.

Customer is responasible for all customs fees/duties/charges and will be contacted prior to delivery via the carrier to clear.

About Our Products

What is this indent on my stand that looks unfinished?

The indent of RAW material on the slots of the legs + shelves are intentional and allow for cross-stand, cross-purchase product fit. Meaning, if you buy a stand today in 2022, next year if you want the same stand in 2023, you can ideally order and not need to keep the parts separate.

This is what allows us to sell additional shelves now.

This allows for the best fit across any batch of Baltic Birch.

This allows for the weather to no longer affect the tolerance and fit of the shelves.

Does my stand come with pegs and shelves?

Yes, each stand comes with a certain amount of adjustable shelves and 5x pegs. You can buy more shelves and pegs.

Can I put different stands together?

YES! We encourage our clients to create a cohesive look by putting multiple displays together for a seamless look. Each stand is cut from a similar variety of baltic birch. Please know that there are patches in some of the stands that are out of our control. We use the highest quality birch on the market and even then there are no perfect pieces of wood as it is a natural material.

Can I paint or stain the shelves?

Staining the stands is perfectly fine- check out YouTube videos on how to stain Baltic-Birch Plywood and you have everything you need to know. We do not advise our customers to stain the stands.

We do not encourage our clients to paint the stands as the tolerances might be ruined deeming the stands too tight a fit to easily be assembled and disassemble. That being said, we have not personally tried painting the stands and if we do- we will upload a video on how to do so effectively.

What should repeat customers expect?

Each batch of wood is slightly different in warmth, meaning there are differences in the tonality of the wood. This causes some stands to be much WHITER in tone or much WARMER in tone. We cannot guarantee that the wood will be a perfect match from month to month. If you are interested in seeing what tone your stand is in please email 

Outdoor Precautions

For wood Protection and care:

Bee Wax 

This is ideal for the front and back- be warned that it will make the RAW edges darker or more rich in color 

For windy areas:

Tent Weights

For areas that you need to secure from wind 

Usually required at outdoor markets anyways

Can we secured with string to the bottom of the board through peg holes

Again, peg boards are not recommended for windy areas

Tent Side Walls

Help break the wind with side walls 

Not guaranteed to help prevent falling over 

Was recommended by other artisans with our stands

For rainy areas: 

Rubber Bumper Option 1

Plastic heavy duty bummers- best recommended by VL team

Rubber Bumper Option 2 

Screw in very very gently to not split the wood layers-

Expert in wood option (would not recommend for someone who is not handy in wood crafts)

For grass/unlevel ground:

 Attachment for KIOSK leveling 

Pre-drills on the kiosk legs already exist, you will gently drill this onto your unit legs without brunt force- gently.

About Vertical Ledge

Does Vertical Ledge help with store design?

Yes! Learn more here.

Do you wholesale?

This all depends on the size of your project. We do offer wholesale pricing to certain brands and companies that are willing to put in the MOQ per stand, as it varies. Please do reach out and we’d love to chat! Learn more HERE.

Do you have a showroom?

YES, we do! It’s located in the Industrial District of Woodinville, 30 minutes NE of Seattle. Please email if you’d like to drop by.

Can I put in a custom request?

This all depends on the size of your project- are you looking to buy one shelf for customization or are you doing a custom bulk order for a retail location? We do not do small batch custom orders due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the designing and testing. Please inquire.

Furniture Dealer?

Please inquire on the contact form.


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