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Expanding Panel for DCXL

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Can the DCXL or DCM expand?

The DC (Duo Collection, referring to 2 vertical panel units) can be expanded with an insert peg board. Each Panel is 20" wide, so you can extend as many inserts as you'd like.

The 5' wide option is a best seller. The DCXL + 1x Insert Panel.

Image on the left showcases 1x DCXL unit with 3x Insert Panels.

Image on the right shows the expanded pegboard at a show.

What shelf configurations do you offer?

Here at Vertical Ledge we offer many different shelf add-ons such as:

-Slanted shelf for items that need to be on display like magazines

-Extra Large shelves for anything wider than 6"

-Long Shelf which is a 3" x 20" shelf that supports stationary items and such

-Mirror for jewelry displays

-Box catch all for items that need to be contained

-Wall Mounting Hardware for those that would like to use their displays on the wall

What is the difference between the RC and DC?

The RC is the Round Collection and refers to an arched top and a single panel unit.

The DC is the Duo Collection- comes with 2 panels per unit and can be expanded with insert panels.

What sizes do the pegboards come in?

A majority of the pegboards (besides the RCT) are 20" wide always.

The height will vary. Here's a guide:

M= medium and sits on a tale top at 40" tall

L= large floor unit and stands 64" tall

XL= extra large and stands 72" tall


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