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Explore the Vertical Ledge Design Line

Each piece at Vertical Ledge has been designed alongside a custom inquiry from an artisan or brand that had a specific need. Learn about some of those stories below.

Peg Board Wall Installations

Alyssa from Sprig Flower Co needed a store renovation and loved the RCXL, and envisioned it on her retail store walls.


Collapsible Aframe Shelves

Sylvia from Sassy Rituals Co reached out for a custom Aframe that was made in the USA that could ship quickly.

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Booth #GlowUp

"A must have!! The large bag fits Aframe 1.0 perfectly and is the only way to carry these around. Plus we always appreciate the fast turn-around\shipping from the VL Team!" - Celyn from Wicks & Bath Co


Question & Answer


What should I think about when putting my retail pop-up together?

Customer Flow: Strategically planning the flow of customers through the store to encourage exploration and engagement. Vertical Ledge's modular and portable displays enable easy adjustments to guide customer flow as needed.

Product Placement: Displaying products in an eye-catching and organized manner. Vertical Ledge's customizable acrylic dividers and crystal-clear fronts provide a stylish and functional solution for showcasing a wide range of products. Learn more about the art of Visual Merchandizing for Handicraft Artisans here.

Layout Optimization: Ensuring an efficient use of space to maximize product visibility and accessibility. Vertical Ledge offers displays that are both space-efficient and visually appealing, allowing for creative layout configurations while optimizing product placement.

Want More? Vertical Ledge has an extensive space layout playlist featuring 5x5 booth space, 8x6 booth space and more. Explore here.

Are your products Eco-Friendly?

Vertical Ledge is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our mission. We proudly utilize sustainable Baltic Birch, recognized as one of the most eco-friendly materials available in the market, ensuring that our products not only meet high-quality standards but also align with our commitment to eco-conscious choices.

Eco-friendly displays, like those offered by Vertical Ledge, not only reduce environmental impact but also resonate with sustainability-conscious customers. They provide an opportunity to align your brand with eco-friendly values, enhancing your store's image.

Learn more about how Vertical Ledge is dedicated to sustainability.

How easy is it to set up and dismantle Vertical Ledge displays?

Portability: Another vital aspect is the portability of Vertical Ledge displays. Whether you're a retailer with changing product layouts or a trade show exhibitor constantly on the move, our displays are crafted to be lightweight and easy to transport.Check out this assembly walkthrough on the Pier Collection.

Changing Display Needs: Businesses often require adaptable display solutions that can evolve with their changing product offerings or seasonal themes. Vertical Ledge offers displays that are designed to change with you.

Ease of Assembly: Vertical Ledge understands the importance of hassle-free setup. Our displays are designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing for straightforward assembly without the need for complex tools or extensive time investment.

What are the best options for a new small business or retailer just getting started?

Your first investment into your displays is an important one and one that will start to shape the way your brand looks when it shows up for years to come. Here are the top picks :

Kiosk: everyone needs a checkout station, a Point-of-Purchase space to engage with your customers and wrap their items.

RCT: A great companion to any set up for smaller items as well as grab-in-go teasers. A table-top Arched Peg Board with shelves.

Tiered Plain: A perfect 3-tiered display with 5" deep shelves. One of the very first design launched at Vertical Ledge.

Aframe: The Showstopper that can change colors with your brand evolution.


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