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Pay in Installments, Get Your Set up in Time for Your Spring Events.


We’re not in the business of giving away free product. But we do love to partner with brands that are excited to serve.

We work with brands that bring value. Whether you’re a large expo or a local retail location, we have a way to work with you; and we have ideas for days.

Guiding Principals

People Over Profit

The heart of everything we do starts and ends with relationships. We are looking to build long-term, trust-wrothy, and innovative relationships with other small bussinesses or organizations.


We believe that personal integrity should flow into all areas of life; including the businesses we run. Following through on what you say you are going to do is one of our core values here at Vertical Ledge.


The forfront of all of Vertical Ledge designs start with function, then form. What does this mean for partnerships? We always start with how we can SERVE our overlapping audiences FIRST before we talk about what that partnership looks like.

Exhibition Partners

We can offer lounge areas, rentals and sponsorships.

Tired of:

Not having an inviting space?

Not having space for your customers to relax and recharge?

Allow Vertical Ledge to help you capture missed opportunity to bring in more sales if people stay longer. By changing the environment, you’re creating more opportunities for purchases, and social sharing.

Rent, Rent-to-Own, and Buy options available.

Market Organizers

We can offer lounge areas, rentals + roadmap, YouTube features, joint giveaways and sponsorships.

Tired of not turning a profit at markets?

Tired of guests leaving too soon?

Tired of taking the blame for declining quality of shows?

Vertical Ledge offers:


Educational talks (virtual or IRL)

Rent-to-own-to-rerent programs (start turning a profit in as little as 3 shows and make your market pop with the best displays offered to your vendors)

Boutique Owners

We can offer custom builds, design and branding,  and visual merchandising training.

Are you tired of:

Your store losing customers?

Your store feeling unbranded and unattractive?

Lack of foot traffic?

Vertical Ledge offers:

Store audit (what does your brand stand for) 

-Initial consultation, 3-4 hours ($1500)

Hire us to build custom items or source them from our website


We can offer a wholesale program and custom builds.

Ex: book launch (a book is in target with a terrible, flimsy and not envirnmentally sustainable cardboard stand)

You’re wholesaling your product and it’s not being displayed well, which leads to less repeat purchasing.

Let Vertical Ledge Stands be included in your wholesale orders, pass the cost onto the buyer.

When your products are properly displayed...

The retail location is more likely to sell them and order again 

Retail location keeps the stand (retail feels favourably towards wholesaler)


We can offer  sponsored content (coming soon).

Apply to be a Partner

Don’t identify with any of these options? Reach out anyways, we have ideas for days and love to work with other passionate brands.

So far this year I’ve gotten so much great feedback on the look of my booth and how organized it is and has that “boutique” feel. I definitely feel like I have a cohesive brand presentation that is identifiable to my local community.

Rebecca BEC Designs


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