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Best Fit: Clothing

Are you feeling lost on what display to choose for YOUR business? With all the options out there- decision fatigue starts to set in REAL quick. It can be hard to find exactly what you need when you spend so much time researching

At any given moment, Vertical Ledge has limited launch and limited edition displays that could be YOUR ideal fit. Not to mention, we have limited stock on hand that is rotated every 3-5 weeks.

We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to elevate your business because of the stress that comes with options. That’s why we want to take the burden off of your shoulders and provide you with BEST FIT options for YOUR niche.

At Vertical Ledge, we want to see your business THRIVE by producing effective solutions that elevate your product’s value. Investing in your business is essential to its growth, and a quality display is an investment that WILL benefit your business. 

An added bonus is that any investment into your business is a tax write-off as essentials for your business development.

Best Fit For : Clothing

If you sell clothing- you KNOW how much of a difference visual merchandising makes. Customers won't want to stop by if they aren't inspired by how the clothing looks while on display...

  • NEVER overcrowd clothing on displays
  • When displaying clothing- it should be easy for customers to browse. Keep your bestsellers within reach.
  • Stay organized- display clothing by type, color, and style so that your displays look cohesive.



  • The Kiosk is a great checkout station
  • Storage for extra inventory/ displaying accessories
  • Works best in combination with other displays for a full set-up
  • The Jamison works well for smaller items and accessories- socks, scarves, hats, etc
  • Shelf at the bottom for things like shoes
  • Not big enough for large volumes of product
  • Won't fit thicker materials like knits
  • The Rack is ideal for all clothing- simple but effective
  • Shelf for shoes at the bottom
  • Peg holes on the side for hats and other accessories 
  • Won't fit too many accessories- mostly clothing
  • The Pull Cart is perfect for folded clothing and accessories 
  • Not ideal for all types of clothing like dresses, jackets, etc
  • The Aframe 2.0 can display a variety of product- from folded clothing to accessories, to shoes. 
  • Works great in combination with the rack for clothing that needs to be hung
  • The Aframe 1.0 is a large unit- ideal for a large volume of product
  • Folded clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Most effective for large quantities of inventory


We hope this inspire you to take action to achieve the set-up of your dreams... Check out this Pinterest Board for some more ideas.

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