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This is an F22 Pre-Order Item for reservation release on 9/1/2022 for a mid-October ship date.


Meet the KIOSK, made with your mind at retail events. Need a pop-up space to package your orders, and hide your personal belongings, all at standing height? 

Look no further than the KIOSK. Packs flat, and is collapsible. The Kiosk sets up in minutes and is lightweight for easy transportation. 


Total Unit Assembled:
15.5” D (table top)
33” W
38” H

15.5” D
34.5” W (total table top length is 39”)

Spacing for shelve options:
Inside shelf is:
15.5” D
33.5” W
QTY: 2 adjustable shelving

Total weight: 35 pounds
Fits in: Large Bag
Is compatible with: large pegs

-Holes on the bottom to use AMAZON affiliate leg stabalizing unit- for uneven surfaces and grass as well as adjustable height options
-Pegs holes on the sides of the unit
-Front cover comes with but is optional usage


Vertical Ledge designs and manufactures beautiful minimalist products for retailers, small boutiques, pop-ups and markets alike.

Featuring pre-finished food-grade safe, Baltic-Birch Plywood is sturdy, durable and modern.

The neutral tones range from bright whites to warm whites, allowing the products to pop. The simple designs allows for zero hardware, minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

We use Baltic birch, a popular type of plywood, particularly in luxury cabinet and furniture making. It’s naturally stronger and more durable than other types of plywood and often has an attractive, uniform face.

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When do you ship?

Being a 2 person team, all our shipping happens on THURSDAYS of each week. Meaning, UPS will pick up in the evening, and if there are leftovers, they will go out Fridays depending on the season.

Do you accept cancellations?

Within 48 hours of your order, you can request a cancellation. After that, the order has already been confirmed with the shop and has already cost VL time and money on your order.

How long is shipping and processing?

Typically within 5-10 business days UNLESS otherwise stated on a PRE-ORDER option. All pre-order options are clearly labeled n each listing. Pre-ordering means, we have production happening, but not an exact date of delivery, just an estimate.

Do you accept returns?

We charge 35% of each stand in your order restocking fee when a return has been approved. Due to the nature of our stands, we only accept return requests under the following circumstances:

The customer has contacted customer support within 24 hours of the item being delivered.

There are ZERO expectations if the item has been sitting for months until opened. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items within 24 hours of delivery to the customer’s delivery address.

The items show ZERO signs of being used at a show or event.

The refund will be processed within 10 business days of being shipped back to Vertical Ledge.

Again, Vertical Ledge charges a 35% restocking fee for any and each SKU that are returned regardless of condition.

All returns must be accepted by Vertical Ledge before being sent back.

The items are returned with a customer label. Vertical Ledge does not provide return labels or boxes.


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