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Pay in Installments, Get Your Set up in Time for Your Spring Events.

Best Fit: Beauty

Do you sell or make beauty products? Whether it’s natural cosmetics, or oil skincare products- we’ve compiled the ideal list of displays for you. You can stop all that research now and relax- we’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each display so that you don’t have to deal with decision fatigue.

ALL of our displays are flat- pack for portability with little to no hardware- for the ultimate pop-up retail experience. Don’t worry about attracting customers because our displays make your product value go up instantly. It’s time your products are displayed in a way that justifies the price point.

Some things to note about Vertical Ledge products…

  • Vertical Ledge has limited launch and limited edition stands
  • We have limited stock that is rotated every 3-5 weeks
  • When you invest in a display for your business, it's actually a tax write-off

Best fit For: Beauty

Some visual merchandising tips for your beauty products

  • Make sure your best-sellers are at eye-level at all times- this means take advantage of vertical space in your pop-up booth or retail space
  • Have samples clearly marked and ready for customers- sample instantly increase chances of customers buying the product
  • Follow the rule of thirds- by color, product type, and product size

  • The Jumbo has 4 wide shelves with grooves- perfect for displaying smaller cosmetics and bigger product bottles as well
  • The DCL is a floor unit- so you can #ditchthetable
  • The DCL is compatible with add-ons like the mirror or the box for more versatility in displaying beauty products
  • The Kiosk makes for the perfect beauty counter- with storage behind the counter for inventory and supplies
  • The DCM is the perfect table-top unit with enough height to put products at eye-level
  • The DCM is compatible with our add-ons like the mirror and box
  • The RCS has smaller c-hooks and grooved shelves
  • The Jumbo is a table-top unit- so product’s won’t be eye-level unless you have a bar-height table like the Market table 2.0
  • The DCL required a higher volume of large and small products- you may want to incorporate lifestyle props
  • The Kiosk requires minimal hardware
  • The DCM is a table-top unit
  • The RCS is a smaller table-top unit for smaller products


Did you know we also do retail build-outs? If you're a beauty store looking for a makeover in your local shop- we can help you out. Check out our retail catalog  to get inspired...

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