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Material Detail

Vertical Ledge designs and manufactures beautiful minimalist products for retailers, small boutiques, pop-ups and markets alike. Featuring pre-finished food-grade safe, Baltic-Birch Plywood is sturdy, durable and modern. The neutral tones range from bright whites to warm whites, allowing the products to pop. The simple designs allows for zero hardware, minimal effort and maximum efficiency.




We use Baltic birch, a popular type of plywood, particularly in luxury cabinet and furniture making. It’s naturally stronger and more durable than other types of plywood and often has an attractive, uniform face.


This type of plywood gets its Baltic name from the area the trees are harvested from, the Eastern European Baltic Sea region.

Baltic Birch comes in various hues making the displays beautifully unique and different each time. Each item's picture color will not perfectly match your items.

Baltic birch plywood is composed exclusively of birch veneer (thin sheets of birch wood) compressed and bonded together. Each layer of birch veneer is the same thickness, resulting in a more consistent, void-free, stable, and aesthetically attractive sheet of plywood.

The edges of Baltic birch plywood have an attractive stacked line pattern (achieved by alternating the orientation of each inner ply), making it a particularly popular material to use when an exposed plywood edge is desired. The front and back veneers are typically thicker than the top-level veneers used on other types of plywood.

This makes Baltic birch plywood more durable and less prone to chipping or sanding damage. Once bonded, the entire sheet is laminated in exterior grade adhesive, further increasing its strength and stability.|

Vertical Ledge uses B/BB graded wood. This is the second highest grade BB you can get. Vertical Ledge DOES NOT control what each sheet of plywood holds as far as grading- it is based on the supplier’s grade.

B/BB means that one side with being very close to perfect, while the flip side will have slight variations like football patches, stripes, and hues of warmth/cold.

Supplier definition:

“Single piece face and back veneer. Face veneers are considered clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. The back allows 3-6 color-matched patches, which are oval in shape and egg-sized. Inner cores are solid birch single-piece veneers.”


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