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Agrandir Vertical Ledge’s Carrello in a retail environment, used as a versatile display cart. The adjustable shelving and customizable panels make it perfect for visual merchandisers. This bespoke unit offers a stylish and functional solution for store planners, enhancing product displays and brand activations with its modular design and high-quality construction.
Agrandir Vertical Ledge’s Carrello at a trade show, showcasing its bespoke design and versatility. Perfect for brand activation and promotional events, this custom-made cart features adjustable shelving and changeable panels. Its modular design and easy assembly make it an essential fixture for event planners and hospitality managers seeking stylish, functional display solutions.
Agrandir Vertical Ledge’s Carrello, featured in a trade show booth, demonstrates its versatility and customizability. Ideal for brand activation specialists, this bespoke cart offers a modular design with adjustable shelving and changeable panels. Perfect for showcasing products, serving refreshments, and engaging attendees, the Carrello is a must-have for dynamic and professional presentations.
Agrandir The Carrello by Vertical Ledge in an art gallery, used as a mobile display unit. The eco-friendly materials and bespoke design enhance the gallery’s aesthetic. Perfect for event planners and hospitality managers, this versatile cart offers a stylish and functional solution for exhibitions and brand activations, making it an indispensable fixture for dynamic environments.
Agrandir Sustainable hotels will love Vertical Ledge’s eco-friendly Carrello solutions. Customizable to match your brand. Modular design for easy reconfiguration. Stylish and efficient.
Agrandir The Carrello by Vertical Ledge, shown in a luxury hotel’s event space, is a bespoke cart designed for the FF&E industry. This customizable unit, with its changeable acoustic panels, fits into any decor. Perfect for catering hosts and brand activation specialists, the Carrello offers adjustable shelving and easy transport, making it ideal for dynamic and upscale events
Agrandir Carrello 2.0 (Précommande fin avril 2024)

Carrello 2.0 (Précommande fin avril 2024)

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À venir au printemps 2024

Découvrez le CARRELLO, savamment conçu pour l'évolution industrie des chariots pour aliments et boissons . Que vous mettiez en place un chariot à café , stand de glace , pop-up de chariot de riz , ou offre spécialisée restauration pour clubs de remise en forme , c'est la solution idéale. Avec une attention particulière sur restauration et vente au détail éphémère , le CARRELLO allie harmonieusement fonctionnalité et style.


  • Construction durable : Fabriqué à partir de bouleau baltique résistant, garantissant la longévité même dans des environnements animés.
  • Taille optimale pour divers besoins : 
  • La polyvalence à la base : Livré avec des étagères intérieures réglables pour s'adapter aux diverses exigences d'affichage.

Options de couleur du panneau acoustique : Magenta, vin, rose, bleu océan, vert mousse, noir et beige.

Fonctionnalités complémentaires : Rehaussez son attrait avec un éclairage LED sophistiqué et une façade de protection alimentaire en acrylique, garantissant à la fois style et sécurité.

Durabilité: Alors que nous défendons des choix respectueux de l'environnement, le CARRELLO est un produit fabriqué sur commande, reflétant notre engagement en faveur du développement durable.

Pour les entreprises qui privilégient la polyvalence et le style Conception de chariot de nourriture , le CARRELLO est votre incontournable. Améliorez votre expérience de service de restauration et de boissons dès aujourd'hui.



Total Unit Assembled:
80" W x 28" D x 82" H

Height with Crown: 82"
Height of Countertop: 38"

Total unit Width: 80"

Total depth: 28"

Space between tabletop and crown: 36"
The magnetic sign is 12" in diameter

Unit weights roughly 135 pounds

Patent Pending


Constructed from sturdy Baltic birch for lasting durability.

Adjustable shelving and removable acoustic covers offer versatility and style.

Optional crown for varied aesthetic options.

Compact design, packing flat into two boxes for hassle-free shipping and storage.

Available in elegant black + walnut or birch + light cream color schemes.


Vertical Ledge designs and manufactures beautiful minimalist products for retailers, small boutiques, pop-ups and markets alike.

Featuring pre-finished food-grade safe, Baltic-Birch Plywood is sturdy, durable and modern.

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We are not responsible for the customer package once it has left the VL warehouse. 

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Within 48 hours of your order, you can request a cancellation. After that, the order has already been confirmed with the shop and has already cost VL time and money on your order.


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01. The customer has contacted customer support within24 hoursof the item being delivered.

  • There are ZERO expectations if the item has been sitting for months until opened. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items within 24 hours of delivery to the customer’s delivery address.

02. The items show ZERO signs of being used at a show or event.

03. The refund will be processed within 10 business days of being shipped back to Vertical Ledge.

04. Again, Vertical Ledge charges a 35% restocking fee for any and each SKU that are returned regardless of condition.

05. All returns must be accepted by Vertical Ledge before being sent back.

06. The items are returned with a customer label. Vertical Ledge does not provide return labels or boxes.

Carrello 2.0 (Précommande fin avril 2024)


Inquiry for Bulk or Custom Carrello


Use case:

Flexible Merch Cart

Utilize the Carrello as a modern and movable merchandising cart for the latest product collaboration or brand activation.

Use case:

Wine Tasting

The premier wine cart experience has arrived. Elevate your wine-tasting events with the Carrello, offering an elegant and sophisticated setup guaranteed to impress your guests.

Use case:

Floral + Dry Bar

Utilize the Carrello as a dry bar pop-up, serving mocktails complemented by stunning floral displays. It's the ideal combination for the modern, mindful drinker.

Use case:

Coffee Bar

Time to step up your coffee cart bar set up with the exclusive, modern and bespoke Carrello by Vertical Ledge.

Carrello Cart Q+A

Here is your quick guide to all things Carrello by Vertical Ledge. The Modern Pop-In Cart for the modern and minimal brand looking to make a statement.

What logistical considerations should be taken into account when using the Carrello?

The optimal method for transporting the Carrello Mobile Cart involves removing the crown and the acoustic cover before rolling it onto a trailer.

Alternatively, you can spend approximately 20-30 minutes dismantling the frame of the unit.

Pro Tip: Keep the boxes the unit came in to re-use in case of shipping this unit to a show or event out of your drive-able region.

What are the customization options for the Carrello?

We can customize the color of the unit's wood or acoustic paneling.

The base units come as they are shown and additional colors can be bought seperatly and have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Due to the custom nature of the unit, please allow ample time to recieve the unit and all the additional options.

Vertical Ledge offers a fully customized unit tailored to your specific equipment needs, including cut-outs, branded signage, lighting, various awning styles, and more. Pricing starts at $8,000 with a lead time of 8-13 weeks. Inquire below for more details.


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