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Providing visual merchandising resources


Encouraging pop-up retailers to feel confident and bold


Staying connected through activation events, and genuine conversation


Striving to lift up the handi-craft markets to the next level

Sydney & Andrey White

Just like you, we started in our living room doing the side hustle grind. The limited options of modern, clean and user-friendly displays was clear. Looking for a solution, Sydney asked Andrey to design and make a simple tiered stand.

It was at the next market when Sydney was asked, "Where did you buy that beautiful stand?" and that's when the real story began...

Vertical Ledge has now expanded their line of display shelves into a beautifully curated bespoke collection.

Then & Now

Vertical Ledge is always creating and releasing new designs. From 2018, to now, you will see a variety of stands that may no longer be in existance.

Reach out for customer projects, including exiled stands.



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