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Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)
Zoom Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)

Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)


Make it your own


Duo Collection refers to the modern rounded edge curve. In this collection, Vertical Ledge offers a Large unit, the next size up, and this is the EXTRA LARGE size


The Duo Collection also refers to the BASE unit being 2-vertical back-board panels. This means you have 2 vertical panels that come together to make the full unit. 

The Duo Collection Extra Large + Insert Panels. By ADDING (not included here) an inset panel, you can extend your wall of displays as long as you need.

  • This unit comes with 5x large pegs per vertical panel.
  • This unit comes with 6 large shelves per vertical panel.
  • This unit does not currently fit into a bag, but the legs, shelves, and pegs can fit in a medium Carrying Case.
  • This shelf supports the Acrylic Box.


Unit when assembled:
W: 40” (20” width per panel)
D: 18” (legs on the floor)
H: 71”

Space between floor and top of panel roughly 12"

All pegs are the same across the store- we do not carry other sizes or styles.
Pegs are compatible with 1/2" rods to lay on top of the 3 indented notches 
The pegs are 4.5" with .5" tenon insert part 
The pegs can be used on both sides but not at the same time.

D: 6”
L: 10”
3 deep pocket grooves, shelves are reversible 
Can use both sides of the panel but not the same slot at the same time 

Compatible with acrylic felt boxes.

Maximum Weight: 10 pounds

Baltic Birch Material, UV Coated, Food-Grade Safe Clear Matte CoatNot suitable for windy, outdoor areas

This item does not qualify for FREE SHIPPING. A base charge of $50 per unit will be applied at checkout.

This item requires a signature upon delivery.

All damages need to be capture before the box is open via photo of the entire box and where it is damaged in order for a claim or return.


Vertical Ledge designs and manufactures beautiful minimalist products for retailers, small boutiques, pop-ups and markets alike.

Featuring pre-finished food-grade safe, Baltic-Birch Plywood is sturdy, durable and modern.

The neutral tones range from bright whites to warm whites, allowing the products to pop. The simple designs allows for minimal hardware, little effort and maximum efficiency.

We use Baltic birch, a popular type of plywood, particularly in luxury cabinet and furniture making. It’s naturally stronger and more durable than other types of plywood and often has an attractive, uniform face.

Acoustic Paneling


Environmentally friendly acoustic product made from recycled polyester plastics (up to 81% post consumer)

Completely safe to human health, it is highly durable, and easy to work with.

Antimicrobial- unlike cotton and fabric acoustic products that can attract mold and mildew

Durable- easy to wash, and does not ding or break like paper and fiber based products

Long lasting- ability to absorb sound and still look good for 50 years or more

Safe - no chemicals, or itchy airborne particles for building users to ever deal with

Learn more

Shipping & Returns:

When do you ship?

Being a 2 person team, all our shipping happens on THURSDAYS of each week. Meaning, UPS will pick up in the evening, and if there are leftovers, they will go out Fridays depending on the season.

Do you accept cancellations?

Within 48 hours of your order, you can request a cancellation. After that, the order has already been confirmed with the shop and has already cost VL time and money on your order.

How long is shipping and processing?

Typically within 5-10 business days UNLESS otherwise stated on a PRE-ORDER option. All pre-order options are clearly labeled in each listing. Pre-ordering means, we have production happening, but not an exact date of delivery, just an estimate.

Do you accept returns?

We charge 35% of each stand in your order restocking fee when a return has been approved. Due to the nature of our stands, we only accept return requests under the following circumstances:

The customer has contacted customer support within 24 hours of the item being delivered.

There are ZERO expectations if the item has been sitting for months until opened. It is the customer’s responsibility to check all items within 24 hours of delivery to the customer’s delivery address.

The items show ZERO signs of being used at a show or event.

The refund will be processed within 10 business days of being shipped back to Vertical Ledge.

Again, Vertical Ledge charges a 35% restocking fee for any and each SKU that are returned regardless of condition.

All returns must be accepted by Vertical Ledge before being sent back.

The items are returned with a customer label. Vertical Ledge does not provide return labels or boxes.

Duo Collection: Extra Large (DCXL)



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