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WW: 102 Reels

What are reels good for?


  • We’ve struggled with our small micro company coming off as a large corporation, thanks to our brand and positioning, which is great but also posed a lot of problems on the back end for us, especially in regards to customer expectations

    • One of the ways we decided to start combating this was to post more BTS reels 

    • This allowed us to let the customers know where their packages are being processed and to understand that this truly is a small business 

    • This also allowed us to connect with customers on a more personal level of how we all share similar small business struggles  

  • Another way we’ve been using REELs during this season is voice-overs 

    • This allows you to relate with your audience and to let your personality come through a little

    • Hence letting you connect more and build trust with your audience 

    • Plus they are super fun and I have come to enjoy the life out of them

  • We also have been focusing on calling out some myths or false beliefs from our audiences perspective

    • In order for us to be able to do this, we have to really ask ourselves what is it that our ideal customer believes, struggles with, fears and doesn’t know 

    • This comes from putting yourself in their shoes and viewing life through their lens 

    • This can be extremely hard at first, it was for me at the beginning of this year. With the help of my business coach and lots of practice, I started to LOVE building out this side of our ideal customer 

  • Notice how we don’t use reels to push sales, show off product or even promote ourselves here 

    • Reels doesn’t always attract your ideal customer and you should know that, which should also tell you that maybe REELS is not where the selling should happen 

    • I came across a gentlemen who said that sales happen most on Instagram through DMs 

    • WHY?

      • We get a lot of DMs asking about our products, which can be annoying BUT this informs me that the information our customers are looking for is not easily found

      • BUT this also allows for a natural connection to our customer- I can help them find exactly what they need, and guide them to making the best decision for their business, finances, and situation they are preparing for

      • Think of DMs as a faster, easier, quicker way to engage than emails. I would say it is more PERSONAL, and more intimate than emails 

  • What does this have to do with reels and how can we navigate this odd space?

    • Reels brings in followers 

    • These followers are usually not your ideal customer 

    • Followers tend to be other makers in your niche who won't buy from you 

    • This means you need to start looking at your Instagram differently-

  • Is Instagram where most of your sales come from?

    • That’s a HARD NO for us, we know this because our analytics inform us of it 

    • We get a good chunk of sales from IG but they typically mull over their purchase for MONTHS before making a decision (and I love that) 

    • For us, our IG is a space to build community and connect with other small businesses, to find collaboration opportunities and to share about our mission and vision 

  • So what is Instagram for you?

    • If it is a direct sales line for you, you need to start shifting your focus

    • Maybe your reels are more appealing with other makers, so how to do you make your reels appealing to your customers?

      • In order to do this you need to focus on your ideal customer build out 

        • Who are you talking to?

        • What do they care about?

        • What do they find entertaining? 

        • How do they relate? 

  • What batching reels looks like for us in this season 

    • Knowing your REELS capacity is important. For us, it looks like a REEL 5/7 days of the week

      • If we break them down into what we focus on

        • Combat unrealistic expectations from our customer 

          • This looks like BTS, vulnerability stuff, and struggles we have 

          • Showcase a product or launch 

        • Relate with other small business owners 

          • Voice overs, vulnerability and entertainment 

        • Educate through busting myths and false beliefs 

          • Using audios where appropriate

          • Showing off product

      • I typically found that Monday afternoons, I jump on my phone and scroll for an hour- I scroll from different profiles I have access to and figure out if the audio can be applied to any of my categories and send them to the VL page 

        • I try to choose audio that is an trending early, so it doesn’t stop trending 3 days from now when I go to post it 

        • What does a trending audio look like? 

          • It has the arrow, click on the audio and see how many REELS have used the audio, if it’s under 1K, it’s an early trender and you can jump on it 

          • Since I batch these, i try to find ones with a few 100 users, since it will explode in a few days 

        • I really try to stay focused on the MISSION: 

          • Why am I scrolling? TO FIND AUDIO that works for my business and nothing else

          • I set a timer and then I get to it 

        • Then the following hour, 

          • I actually record the reels 

          • Try to keep consistent background for brand recognition 

          • Change outfits 

          • Maybe change hair 

          • Have fun, think of this as a project where you get to have fun

          • Let go of the analytics and just go for it 

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