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What to say in your IG stories?

As I have grown Vertical Ledge, I always wanted to show up online for the community development side of the business. Little did I know that stepping into an uncomfortable zone every day since day 1 would lead me to give tips on how YOU can show up in your small business.

Topics to address in your stories (weekly ideas):

  • Inventory updates

    • Say hello, and then share what you have in stock on a random day- highlighting your best-selling items, discontinued items, and waitlisted items.

  • Product process

    • What are you doing that day?

    • Favorite aspect of your creative process

    • Least favorite aspects of your product

  • Lifestyle ideas:

    • Showcase how you use your products

    • Ask your audience how they use your products

    • Give a few ideas on how to use your products (styling, cooking, creating)

    • Product reviews

  • Updates on products!

    • Using your stories for a weekly product update (or feature) can help boost educational content that can be fun

      • Share the story behind a specific style/flavor/design

      • Talk about the process of your product (just one part and how it is unique to you)

      • Share new product ideas and launches

      • Do sneak peeks of something in the works for a holiday box

  • Engagement ideas:

    • Play a game where your audience votes for THIS or THAT of your items

    • Ask for feedback

    • Give away a product (or gift card or store credit, something to incentivize) for a polling segment for market research

    • Have someone do a take-over of your stories

    • The countdown for new launches

  • Showing your HUMAN SIDE

    • Share your workspace, no matter how messy, and joke around about it

    • Share a delivery day/ shopping day

    • Share a moment of your business that others might be able to relate to like juggling all of life with 2 hands

    • Share a mindset hack/shift you started to implement to overcome

    • Share a snippet of information you just learned from someone for your business

    • Highlight a few lines from a book you read and share why it means something to your business

    • Have a rant about something in your business that drives you crazy (in a good to bad way)

    • Shout out another account and hop on to talk about a few things that made you want to share that account

  • Segments: Use 1 day a week to create a segment-

    • A sneak peek segment

    • An Inventory segment

    • A What’s Up segment

    • 3-tips Segment

      • think of what things you can relate to your product that you can share 3 things on

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