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Thusfar with TAILWIND

What is tailwind?

A desktop app that allows you to automate your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook posts. BUT it doesn’t just automate for you, check out the list below to see all the other features:

  1. Automate posts

  2. Create hashtag lists, save them and be able to plug them in for later

    1. it also tells you what hashtag is being over used or underused!

  3. Show you best times to post

  4. The analytics are INSANE on all platforms!

  5. Add a click-able link bio for your Instagram

    1. we are switching our over from the MLKSHAKE app and I love it so far

  6. Allows you to preview all your social media pages before posting so you can rearrange as much as you want

  7. The help section is AMAZING!

  8. And so much more we haven’t looked at yet!


What do we like/dislike?

It’s hard to say what we do not like about Tailwind because it seems the latest update fixed everything we were not happy with. Tailwind has been a lifesaver for our small business because it allows me time to chunk all the posts at once. I am the type of person like can sit down and write out a whole months worth of posts in 2-3 days. Leaving me peace of mind to get other stuff done for the month. We also plan 1 studio (media creating) day a month so in 1 week, I can shoot, edit, and schedule the whole month out. That leaves me 3 weeks to create, cultivate and plan upcoming launches without the stress of posting each day.

How much is it?

$15/month per social account/ platform

This is so worth it in our eyes. It is essentially $.50 per day!

Is it worth it for a micro-small business?

Absolutely. Automate your work so your time can be spend elsewhere. If you are the one doing EVERYTHING, let tailwind take a load off by automating some aspects of social media.


Check it out here for your first month free


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