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The Vertical Introduction

Meet the VERTICAL: an artisan-inspired blog to help bring awareness to how you show up for your audience.

Being an artisan can mean so many things. It can be a candle maker, a bag sewer, an organic bee farmer, to skateboard maker and everything in between. Sydney, at Vertical Ledge, has unique experiences with artisans looking for custom displays every few days. Since working with these custom clients, Sydney realized that a majority of artisans do not have the slightest knowledge of the power of branding.

Most artisans hear branding and think, “my logo is lame but is as good as it gets”. But branding is so much more than just a logo. It is how YOU, as the artisan, creator, maker, doer of all things behind the scenes, show up in every aspect of your business.

Branding hits on:

// Instagram feed presentation, your stories, and your voice

// Website design

// How your booth is set up

// Busness cards and logo

// Packaging and labels

// Your emails and customer support

// Anything else that actually touches your business will be in direct contact with your brand

So, why is the brand so important?

Branding is important for many aspects of a small business but I want to keep this part simple. It is SIMPLE HOW UP SHOW UP FOR YOUR AUDIENCE. If you show up 25%, the customer sees 25%. Meaning, if your booth reeks of a flea shop, is not visually appealing, and drives customers’ eyes AWAY from your booth, that is what you will be met with from your customers.

If you show up 100%, your customers will see that. Meaning, your booth is clean, your Instagram matches your booth, your photos are clean and crisp, there is a story to connect you to your audience, and the products are displayed in such a way that draws people in then you will 100% have more sales BUT not only more sales, you will also be met with a sense of curiosity, engagement and an actual follower who wants to be around your products.

What will I gain from the Vertical?

Every few weeks, I will round up some of the best advice that I have given our clients, who pay top dollar for me to help them design a booth that helps them sell. Are you ready to step up your small business game? Let’s do this together- be sure to follow us on the ‘gram and stay up to date on all things.

See ya next time Artisans!



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