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The Value of Product Photography in Your Business

“Increase sales, limit returns, and improve your brand identity - all without saying a word.”

Welcome to our very first guest blog post here at the Vertical. The Vertical stands for so many things but the most important is reaching up towards your goals in small, simple steps or in this case shelves (ha!). Jokes aside, a business can be overwhelming when it comes to anything branding. Which is why we have a product photography expert here to tell you all about product photography with 3 simple Q&A style post.

Karina has years in product photography and is Vertical Ledge’s personal go-to when it comes to bringing a vision into focus. Speaking about bringing things into focus, let’s get right to it.

// Q&A with Karina Richardson Photography


Q: How will professional product photography increase my sales?

A: You’ve invested countless hours, energy, money, and your heart and soul into what you make. Photos are often your customer’s first impression of your business, and the best way to represent the quality of your products. As people envision your products in their own home or wardrobe or routine, they will be ready to hit purchase. If your photos look top-notch, people will know your product is, too.

Q: How do quality photographs impact my customer experience?

A: Quality product photography is essential for setting clear expectations, building faith with your customers, and limiting returns. Your photographs create expectations for what people will receive when they place an order. When your images accurately represent your products, your buyers become loyal customers. You’ll also get happy, repeat customers who leave great reviews and refer others to buy from you!

Q: Why should I invest in product photography during COVID-19?

A: Small business owners are the most creative people I know. I have no doubt that these next few months will be full of innovation and new products. Capturing professional product photographs now will increase the success of your product launch, improve your marketing campaign, and result in more sales and happy customers!


I hope you enjoyed this simple, short and direct post that focuses on how product photography can help your small business push past the threshold of playing in the sandbox and stepping into the big leagues. Be sure to check out Karina and all she is up to on the ‘gram.


Till next time friends-



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