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The Value of Branding & Product Photography in Your Business


Q&A with Karina Richardson Photography

Increase sales, limit returns, and improve your brand identity - all without saying a word.


Q: How will professional product photography increase my sales?

A: You’ve invested countless hours, energy, money, and your heart and soul into what you make. Photos are often your customer’s first impression of your business, and the best way to represent the quality of your products. As people envision your products in their own home or wardrobe or routine, they will be ready to hit purchase. If your photos look top notch, people will know your product is, too.

Apply it to your business: Establish a consistent style for your product photography. Find a setup that is easy to replicate and decide your foundational pieces: backdrop type/colors, setting, lighting and any other core elements like trays, counters, or plants. Experiment to discover what you love and can execute on your own. Consider working with a photographer to establish a vision and direction together. Once you find your consistent foundation for your product photos, it will be easier to incorporate variety and unique elements for different products or seasonal campaigns.

Q: How do quality photographs impact my customer experience?

A: Quality product photography is essential for setting clear expectations, building faith with your customers, and limiting returns. Your photographs create expectations for what people will receive when they place an order. When your images accurately represent your products, your products will be more likely to meet the expectations of your customers. You’ll also get happy, repeat customers who leave great reviews and refer others to buy from you - these people become your brand loyal customers!

Apply it to your business: Use recognizable props in your photos to help people see the scale of your products. Specs are great, but it’s much easier to understand the size of a product when you see it in someone’s hands or in relationship to a laptop, dinner plate, or hair brush. Make sure the props you incorporate are unbranded and are conceptually relevant to your product and displays. 

Q: What is branding photography, and why should I make the investment?

A. Branding photography visually tells the story of your business and aligns with the overall look & feel of your brand. Branding photography can include anything from portraits and headshots, to behind the scenes photos of your workshop, to even sharing photos of your morning routine. These are the images that show your personality and make your business feel human - and most importantly, relatable.

Like many small business owners, your market is probably crowded and competitive. Your ideal customer has many options, and branding photography is an opportunity to stand out. To grab people’s attention. To invite them into your story. To build a community where people support not only your products, but YOU. Sharing more photos of yourself, your team, your process, and your business journey is the best way you can strengthen your brand identity. People want to be part of the journey with you - learning, sharing, and growing together. Inviting people into the ups and downs of your business will bring loyalty from your customers and nurture meaningful relationships.

Apply it to your business: Be bold and open. Be willing to share the successes and struggles of your business, and maybe even pieces of your personal life. Bring the human element of your business forward and invite people in. One way to make this easier is to invest in photos you’re proud to share that represent who you are - the creative maker behind an amazing business. 

About Karina Richardson Photography

Branding and product photography that will plant a strong impression, increase sales, and grow your small business.

Karina loves working with small businesses to strengthen their brand identity, create stylized displays, and photograph products. From her experience working in fundraising and marketing, Karina knows what types of images small businesses need to best tell their story and display their lovely products.

Reach out for a free 20-minute phone consultation or get on Karina’s email list at

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