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Stand out and be remembered.

Stand out and be remembered.

Tips on how to merchandise your items and make sure you stand out at market events!

  • Make sure that regular customers easily find their way to your stand. It is equally important that new customers remember your name and know how to find you after the fair.

    • Place your brand logo in a visible place, preferably above the table (remember to use the stand space also vertically).

    • Additionally, within the booth, you can put or hang a board with a price list or additional information about the brand, such as the website address or social media links.

    • Place a small display on the tabletop for business cards or flyers.

  • If the fair organizer does not provide dedicated lighting, prepare it on your own. Jewelry looks best when it is well lit. Hang one or two lamps above the tabletop. Nothing improves visibility as well as light. And nothing looks as good in the light as a clean and transparent display table!

  • By hanging a mirror on the stand, you will make it easier for customers to choose products. For this purpose, a counter with a bar located above the top will be perfect.

  • Choose additional decorations that will emphasize the atmosphere of your brand. Green plants are perfect for this role, as they will gently add color to your stand, but will remain neutral. Avoid overly colored decorations that may distract from your products.

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