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Rock the Come Back...

Feeling down that ALL your spring events got pushed back, rescheduled or canceled altogether? Me too friend me too. I have personally witnessed 3 massive markets in the area take a huge setback because of the quarantine. Was I worried at first? Of course, I was, my heart was breaking for all the artisans who needed that market to pay bills. But once I had a chance to sit back and take it all in, I realized that this too shall pass. As Jenna Kutcher over at the Goal Digger Podcast said, “when this passes, people will be searching for things to do to and people to support”. Will you be someone that is standing tall when all the dust settles? How are you pushing your personal brand forward during this time?

What does this mean for you and me- the artisans behind the markets? Think of all the markets that will be happening come summertime (or fall) that will be exploding with more people than ever before? Think about this, everyone is cooped up in their home, and once they are let out, will you be the one catching their attention at your market booth? People will be hustling and bustling all around town when they are able to get out of their homes. Markets will be exploding this year, did you think about that?

Now is NOT the time to throw in the towel. It is time to grind even harder than before. Let’s get excited to show up with authenticity, grace, and determination for those around us. I for one will be out here pushing my brand to the forefront and relentlessly cheering you all on along the way. Are you ready to join me?

I came up with a shortlist of questions that you can be asking yourself during this time to keep your business moving forward. Even if you are uncertain what may happen, even if you are scared, or not affected at all, these are questions to consider when considering the growth of your business.

Questions to ask yourself during this time:

// How am I preparing for my first market back from all the chaos?

// How am I showing up for my audience now so they know I am still in this?

// Am I letting my customers know how to support me during this time?

// Am I financially able to keep making my goods to have lots of stock for new markets?

// If markets are the only way for people to buy from me, is now the time to start an online store?

// Do I have my website in order for people to find me online?

// What can I do right now to add value to my customers?

// Have you reached out to markets that you turned down because you had the luxury to turn them down? Now it the opportunity to get your name back on those email lists and get signed up because once markets hit the streets, so will your customers.

In the next blog post, we will be sharing some of our personal strategies that are helping us stay calm within our business and personal life.

Until next time artisans,



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