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RICE Challenge by Vertical Ledge, Pave Global + GoodMRKT

Vertical Ledge is proud to sponsor the RICE Challenge, a competition that allows students to showcase their creativity and skills in the retail industry. The winning student will have the opportunity to work with Vertical Ledge to produce and manufacture their final display, which will feature GoodMRKT, a retail store that partners with brands that make a positive impact. As well as show up at RICE in Chicago for the 2023 expo. As a company that specializes in flat-pack, minimal hardware displays and fixtures, we are excited to work with students to create innovative and sustainable pop-up retail experiences.
By working together, we can inspire the next generation of retail leaders and create a better future for all.
This challenge is hosted by PAVE Global, an organization that aims to inspire and mentor the next generation of design leaders. Through the RICE Challenge, students can gain real-world experience, network with industry professionals, and win cash prizes. Vertical Ledge is thrilled to partner with PAVE Global in sponsoring this design challenge for students in the retail industry. We share PAVE Global's vision of inspiring and mentoring the next generation of design leaders, and we're honored to play a role in helping students bring their ideas to life.
One of the key highlights of this challenge is the importance of partnerships within the retail industry. By bringing together students, PAVE Global, Vertical Ledge, and GoodMRKT, we are able to showcase the power of collaboration and working towards a common goal. Instead of competing against each other, we are working together to uplift and inspire the next generation of retail industry leaders. The challenge also highlights the importance of retail partnerships between brands and retailers that prioritize social responsibility and giving back. Through this challenge, we hope to inspire more partnerships that focus on creating positive change in the world.
These partnerships not only benefit the companies involved but also the industry as a whole by promoting collaboration and innovation.
The RICE Challenge encourages students to think beyond aesthetics and consider the impact their designs can have on society. By featuring GoodMRKT and its mission to resell socially responsible brands, the challenge inspires students to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also promote ethical and sustainable practices. This challenge emphasizes the power of design to make a positive impact on the world and encourages students to incorporate these values into their future careers.
In conclusion, the RICE Challenge, sponsored by Vertical Ledge, is an opportunity for students to showcase their design and marketing skills while promoting socially responsible companies. The challenge highlights the importance of collaboration and partnerships within the retail industry, emphasizing the power of working together to make a positive impact.
By featuring GoodMRKT and its mission to resell brands that prioritize social responsibility, the challenge encourages students to think about the impact their designs can have beyond aesthetics. Ultimately, the RICE Challenge inspires and uplifts the next generation of retail industry leaders to create innovative and socially responsible solutions.
The design should be visually compelling, socially responsible, and encourage customers to purchase from brands that prioritize social responsibility.

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