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Pinterest 101

What can Pinterest offer your business?

You may think that Pinterest is where you go to find ideas and inspiration but it can also be a tool to drive traffic to your website and bring followers to your social media accounts. First, think of Pinterest as a search engine. People are going on there for ideas, inspirations, help and even to purchase items. Not a lot of people think of buying stuff on Pinterest but it is a direct driver of sales for many businesses, including Vertical Ledge.

So, what can Pinterest actually do for your small handmade business?

  • Continually drive traffic to your business for months and months its not like Instagram where your post dies in 12 hours. Pinterest pins live FOREVER. For example, our original Etsy account is linked to our original pins and is creating traffic from over 2 years ago! These pins are far from being professionally done or even polished but they still drive traffic.

    • This means you can create meaningful content that can serve your audience for years- which means it is important not to post titles or captions that are specific to a date/time period unless you are intentionally targeting that audience.

      • We keep our pins very vague and this ensures that in a few years- the pin does not seem irrelevant or useless

  • Reach new, and larger audiences

    • because Pinterest is like a search engine, the exposure one pin can get will be bigger than the exposure on most other social media platforms.

Things worth noting:

  • You do not have to be perfect to start creating your own pins. Start with the content you already have. IE Instagram posts, reels videos, story graphics, blog posts, and your product photos.

  • Think of things like “how to style your products”, “how to clean your products”, “what not to do with your products”, time lapse, stop motion, BTS, and more.

  • Story pins drive a lot of traffic at the forefront and die off after a week or so.

  • Pinning daily can seem overwhelming but to get started, we used TAILWIND, it can automatically schedule out every little detail of a pin.

    • This also allows you to see the best times of day to pin based on your followers.

    • It tracks LOADS of analytics so when you get to the stage of needing to dive deeper, it is all there.

    • It’s only $15/month for endless pins

    • It can link directly back to your website or social media posts

    • Check out the TAILWIND BLOG here to see helpful tips and tricks to be successful on Pinterest

  • You can start off with just a few pins a week, and build up to a few times a day.

Tips for getting started on Pinterest as a business owner:

  • Make sure you have a business profile.

    • While this might seem unnecessary, the analytics will come in handing in the next few months!

  • Claim everything in your profile. Claim your website, instagram, Etsy, and Shopify account (if you have them). This is important for Pinterest to pull content from these sources. Every time we add a new photo on our website, Pinterest will pull it and link it for us.

  • Get your niche keywords and paint them everywhere you can but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT copy and paste those key words everywhere. Be authentic in your pursuit to add keywords in your pins, profile and more. If you simple copy + paste,

  • create lots of pin graphics for the same link!

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