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Perceived Value: What are you telling your customers?

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What should you be asking yourself about your marketing?

Perceived value all starts with the story you are telling your customer. Here is a list of questions to start asking yourself about the story you are telling:

  • Who is my ideal customer?

    • Who am I talking to?

      • Do you know who your audience is? At markets as well as online. If you don’t know who you are trying to connect with, how are you going to connect with them in less than 3 seconds?

    • What language am I using to speak with my audience?

      • It’s important to truly know what type of language your customer uses. Maybe they are young and use new slang. Maybe they are older and prefer everything prim and proper.

    • What do they truly want to know about me/my brand?

      • For Vertical Ledge, we test feed post topics on this. Each Month we either repeat topics that people engaged with, or find new ones to test out. Always refining.

    • What would I like to know about some of the other companies I buy from?

      • Oftentimes, we are our ideal customer (not always). I have found that I deeply care about branding and coming off polished, and love seeing other brands that value that as well.

  • How can I best serve my ideal customer?

    • What are they looking to buy when they encounter my brand/products?

    • Are there specific gift bundles I can put together in advance?

    • How can I make t easier for my customer to find what they want?

    • What will my customer need after they purchase?

    • What will my customer need before their purchase?

    • Is there anything that I can create for my customer that will help them become a repeat customer?

Keep these answers short and simple, it’s not always about racking your brain just to ay “busy”. Hone in on what it is you want to communicate with your customer and do it.

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