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Meet the Makers

If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet Vertical Ledge- here is your semi-formal introduction.

Sydney & Andrey White the dynamic duo of home remodels, business ventures, corgi owners, best friends and they happen to be married. Andrey graduated with a background in design thinking and product strategy, ultimately starting a world-class luxury cabinet company based out of Seattle. While Sydney graduated with a degree in psychology, became a yoga instructor and then pursued a life in health coaching.

Never taking any time for granted, the two of them decided their entrepreneurial spirit shouldn’t go to waste. They have taken up a few different business ideas, all learning invaluable knowledge and gaining experience that would lead them to were they are now- at Vertical Ledge.

How did Vertical Ledge get started?

Once upon a time, Sydney was selling her own handmade goods at a few markets. Always looking to have the most chic set-up, she realized there were absolutely no cute stands to display anything on. All she could find were over-priced plastic tiers, clunky wood stands or complex displays that took hours to set up.

At a loss, Sydney sat down on the couch and asked Andrey if he had any ideas. Spending a few hours sketching up designs, Andrey came up with a simple 3-tiered stand. In the following days, he cut it at his shop and Sydney brought it to her first show. After setting it up and feeling excited to have a display unlike anyone else around her, she was quickly asked by those around her where she got the display stand. Quick on her feet, and fast to pick up on any side hustles, Sydney replied with, “it’ll be in Esty in the next few weeks”.

Having no idea how to market this customer base, Sydney grabbed her computer, starting making a listing and google soon became her best friend. Andrey spent the next few months designing new stands that would forever change the way artisans, and retailers alike, display their goods.

Little did they know that this stand would be the start to a brand new business venture for them. From that point on, Sydney and Andrey have come up with 11 different SKU’s to date and have about 11 more to release for 2020.

Be sure to follow along as they release new displays, new maker content and provide content to help boost your sales!

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