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Market Booth Tips


Markets 101



How to find markets in your area?

  • Instagram is now a search engine, be sure to search things like #markets(enter your city). If you live in a smaller city, search for the next biggest city from there.

  • Also, replace “market” with things like “farmers market” “pop-up” “craft fair” and “handmade market”

  • Be sure to search on Facebook and Tiktok- market organizers are expanding their reach and media platforms to draw in customers to the event as well

  • If you don’t find ANY at all, think about chatting with your local city council, or a local shopping center about hosting a weekly summer series for makers in the area. We’ll be having Sarah back on to share more ideas on how to organize a small, weekly or seasonal market in your own area.


When an application is present, here are 3 tips to be relevant and appealing:

  1. Have a clean booth photo.

  2. Have cohesive branding.

  3. Have a unique story behind your brand in order to stand out in your product niche.


Top 3 things you should always have on hand:

  1. Water

  2. Business cards

  3. A great attitude


How much time to allow yourself to set up?

  • This depends on how robust your displays are.

    • The larger the booth the more time you want to plan for

  • Generally speaking plan for one hour per 5 by 5 space.

  • Plan ahead for where you will be loading and unloading.

    • Will you be able to drive up and unload?

    • Or will you need to carry items from where you park?


How much inventory do you bring?

  • Bring enough inventory to last through the end of the day.

    • Plan ahead for how many people will show up and what your sales goal for the day are.

    • Consider the size of your display and what it needs to look full but now over crowded.

  • Consider the season and market type:

    • What sells best during this season?

    • Who are the attendees?

    • Is this a holiday market that you can match your booth theme to?

  • Looking to go more in-depth? Check out this blog


What are the bare minimum store signs/branding aspects should first-time market-goers have?

  • Have at least one main branding logo introducing your booth.

  • Have a QR code for attendees to find your website.


Top 3 tips to get people to stop at your booth:

  1. Have lower price point items towards the front of the booth.

  2. Don’t try to be the rainbow. Have a cohesive booth display with a color theme that fits your aesthetic. Don’t try to do too much.

  3. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to be YOU.


Top 3 tips to get people to interact with your booth:

  1. Style your products in a way that appeals to your ideal client’s lifestyle.

  2. Put a picture up of you working or an aspect of your why to attract clients to your story.

    1. A way for your customer to truly get to know more about you.

  3. Have sensory items that allow customers to interact with your booth.

    1. Have smell samples, spray samples, etc.

    2. Check out more ideas here


And as always, check out these ”3 questions to think through with your booth?”


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