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Krayon Shop Case Study

Vertical Ledge customer Liz, came to us searching for a display that would elevate her brand. Liz is the founder of Krayonshop which specializes in handmade crafts for kids. Her vision for the company is to inspire creativity while connecting with mothers. 

Prior to her booth transformation at the beginning of 2022, Liz felt her displays were not attracting the ideal customer her vision needed. Liz made a goal, “While our sales are good, I know I need to improve our display to be able to attract our target market and make our brand stand out and be able to increase price in our products - my goal for 2022”. Liz invested in several displays to transform her booth:

  1. Spent $4,161 on new booth
    1. 3 AFRAMES
    2. 3x RCLs + misc add-ons 
    3. 1x cart (pre-order)




Liz’s investment into Vertical Ledge displays quickly paid off after the success of her first event. She followed up with us to share her success, “My most recent event was a small one but I sold so much compared to my previous small events. I really think the aesthetic changed everything and helped my brand elevate.” Liz was finally able to attract the ideal customer of her brand vision through elevating the way her products are displayed. 

Liz was not only able to attract the right audience, she was also making sales goals, “For just a 5 hour event, we were nearly sold out and sold over 6K in sales. It was extremely busy and crazy and so much people, including vendors, were expressing how much they admire my booth. I can’t wait for my upcoming events this season and next.”

Liz’s investment into displays was necessary for her to elevate her brand and achieve her vision. She saw a 144% return on her financial investment after her first event with our displays. Her upgraded booth also opened the door for new opportunities in the form of invitations to attend and participate in upcoming events. 

Krayonshop’s performance only continued to excel at events. After another busy event, Liz told us, “Yesterday’s event was amazing! I nearly sold out. We brought 4 of 30 gallon bins full of inventory and left with just half of a bin. The city of Lakewood stopped by and invited me personally for the SummerFest and Markets in OR reached out too since I posted the reel and story on IG.” Her focus on product displays has given Liz the brand exposure she needs to create engagement at events as well as on social media. A standout product for Liz has been the Aframe:

These Aframes are a MUST have! I purchased 3 and couldn’t be happier with the quality and versatility of these furnitures. It takes 3 mins (doing it myself) to assemble  and it packs so neatly in the carrying case for easy and safe transport. I love that I can customize the look by either adding the top part or just using the bottom half. 

This display definitely completes my market event set up and certainly added value and quality to my branding and products. I would definitely recommend this even for brick and mortar businesses.“

Liz made a goal at the beginning of 2022 to attract her target market and increase sales by making her products stand out. She has not only reached her goals by investing in displays that elevate her product’s value, she has surpassed them. Liz took a risk and her investment paid off while creating new opportunities for her brand. 

“I’m in love with my displays and completely worth the investment.”



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