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Is Your Branding Viable In This Climate?

Today, we have my friend Pheobe Sherman from Girl Gang Craft being featured on this blog post all about branding basics. Pheobe tells us simple tips to stay on track during this time while also making it short and to the point. Be sure to check them out via social media- all linked below!

What is branding in my words?

Branding is this idea of taking your story and your biz mission and tying it up in an easily digestible package for your audience. 

Why is branding important?

Branding is the way your audience takes in your mission. If your biz mission is hard to understand-your imagery not consistent, your colors not cohesive, your offerings messy or maybe you're doing too many, this makes it hard for your audience to A. know what you do, and B. act on it. You want your biz to be EASY TO UNDERSTAND so that potential clients can come across your page or learn about your offerings, understand them, and then convert to a paying customer. 

What can you do as a small business during Covid-19 to make your biz viable in this climate? 

Now is the time to A. polish up your content, and B. think creatively about your offerings to make them valuable and tangible during shelter in place. It is a great time to review your e-commerce, make your content more cohesive, and streamline your systems. This is an excellent time to think about your bookkeeping, your organization processes, and make your biz legal if you haven't already (Do you want to incorporate? Have you applied for a business license in your city?)

And then let's see how you can make income now. Do you have a jewelry biz? Maybe you teach an online workshop and send out kits. Maybe you pivot to teaching kids jewelry. (parents are desperate to entertain their kids in new ways right now!) Are you a yoga teacher? Bring that class online! You can fit more people in a Zoom than you ever could in a local studio. Do you make candles? People want to beautify their homes and create a sense of peace. Can you push that aspect of the marketing? Maybe you collab with some other wellness brands and send out cozy kits with blankets. 

Take a deep breath first, then think about how your biz could pivot and offer something that is completely different or adjacent to your brand. You brand might need to fill a new need that that wasn't there before.

Side note from GGC: Take care of yourself first! Drink water, don't get too caught up on the instagram algorithm, and take time away from the screen! We love you! You've got this.


I hope you enjoyed yet another featured guest podcast from out at-home challenge.

Till next time friends,




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