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Introducing S23

Vertical Ledge has officially launched the Spring 2023 product line. This collection is one full of elevated add-ons meant to upgrade existing displays. S23 is a product line that is innovative, modern, and fresh- taking the pop-up retail experience into the future.

S23 is a product line that is innovative, modern, and fresh- taking the pop-up retail experience into the future.

The Problem with Traditional Pop-Up Retail

Traditional pop-up retail displays lack versatility and cohesiveness

Traditional pop-up retail displays lack versatility and cohesiveness. It’s difficult to find pop-up displays that have a high end feel. More often than not, pop-up spaces lack interior design elements.

At Vertical Ledge, the emphasis is on creating well-thought out, curated, and intentional pieces that elevate a space. The S23 collection takes this idea further with the use of quality materials that add uniformity across the product line.

The use of acoustic paneling will be more prevalent than ever before in this collection. This material is made of recycled plastics and is a sustainable material addition. This material is extremely durable and long-lasting. But the best part is the aesthetic appeal it has in combination with our standard Baltic Birch wood. 

Elevated Add-Ons for Pop-Up Retail

The Cubby

The Cubby is a response to years of customer inquiries about additional storage for our peg-board displays. The Cubby is 20”x10” and slots directly into our Large to XL peg-board displays. Even better, there is an option for an acoustic-tambor cover to hide storage or an arched negative space acoustic cover to show off products.

The Slanty Shelf

The Slanty Shelf has been requested in different forms over the years- and we’ve finally done it. This Shelf comes in a 10” depth and slants down for ultimate product presentation with an acrylic cover for product security.

The Aframe 2.0 Backer

Looking to add a fresh, new look to your Aframe 2.0? Check out our latest add-on - the tambor acoustic panel backer. This innovative add-on not only keeps your products in place, but also adds a modern and sleek aesthetic appeal to your display.

The Space Divider

Say goodbye to distractions at noisy exhibitions and markets with our Space Divider. Made from sound-dampening acoustic material in a tambor pattern, this must-have product offers a uniform and modern look while effectively blocking out all distractions.


Introducing HUE - our first lighting add-on that takes your display to the next level. Our LED lights come in three different settings, providing the perfect lighting for any setting. Simply stick it onto one of our displays and experience the instant upgrade in your product presentation.

Letter Board Sign

The Letter Board Sign is one our audience was looking forward to- with a table top or floor option- instantly elevate your branding.

S23 Brand New Displays


The Stack is the result of a custom inquiry last year- this customer needed an end cap-style display that she could use in a local store for her rum. After a few iterations and trial and error, we have a display we’re proud of. The Stack is 100% hardware free and has the beautiful acoustic-tambor back panels that wow.

Rack 2.0

The Rack 2.0 is a complete redesign of the original rack. The Rack 1.0 was too heavy and used too much hardware for ease of use. After a few redesigns, the brand new rack uses minimal hardware, has adjustable height options and two hanging tiers. This rack is also MUCH more lightweight.


The Pier has a long story behind it...Back in 2021 Vertical Ledge designed a pedestal…that didn’t work. After having put this idea on the shelf for a while- a new version was designed with zero hardware, a lightweight feel, and a 360 degree acoustic-tambor cover. 


Our latest add-ons and designs reflect our commitment to delivering on your display needs

At Vertical Ledge, we're dedicated to offering practical and innovative display solutions that enhance your space and showcase your products with style. Our products are crafted with a keen attention to detail and inspired by the diverse needs of our audience. We take pride in providing an exceptional customer experience, and our latest add-ons and designs reflect our commitment to delivering on your display needs. With the S23 collection, we invite you to explore a new level of product presentation that will elevate your business and captivate your audience. Discover the Vertical Ledge difference today and take your display game to the next level.

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