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Illustrations: Up Your Branding With Them

Meet Brittney from Glass Goat Candles, and an illustrator with some amazing skills. Brittney is our expert in all things illustrations and has put together some very fun graphics for us to use in social media, emails and on the website. Sharing her knowledge on how illustrations helped her business, Brittney will dive into how and what illustrations can do for you!

Who are you and what do you offer for other businesses looking for illustrations? (can be very generic here if you don't know specifics :) 

I'm a candle maker here in Seattle. I originally began illustrating my products in order to create a price list for markets that were easy to read at a glance, and I enjoyed it so I continued to illustrate my work as a way to play with my brand.

What do illustrations add to my business?

Illustrations of your products can be used in so many fun and creative ways. They can be used as a graphic for a market, placed together with other makers' products for a long-distance collaboration, made into stickers/stationery, or dropped into an image of an ideal space. Alongside product photography, they can give your customers a great idea of your product and how it can fit into their own space.

How have you used illustrations to up your business game?

Creating illustrations of my work has added a fun way to expand my brand identity and fully realize the look I'm going for. I was looking for a way to keep my social media feeds fresh and inspiring. It has also increased my Pinterest saves, click-throughs, and conversion rate significantly, and driven traffic to my own website from other platforms. I've also been able to put my products in environments that I don't have access to in real life, setting up my ideal "product shoot."

What is your favorite part about illustrating? 

I love creating an ideal space from scratch. It's so fun to see it come together, and play with color and pattern. 

How do you work with small businesses to get the curated illustration look?

I love to meet over coffee if possible, or over the phone/email if not! I work within a brand's existing aesthetic, colors, and style to illustrate their products in a way that they can't wait to show off. I use a combination of product photos and the brand's own inspiration. 

I hope you enjoyed this featured guest on the Vertical.

Until next time friends-



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