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Holiday Collab Campaigns

Holiday Collaborations, Are You Planning Ahead?

Sydney here and I am just going to jump right in. This blog post is inspired by all our recent collabs. It has come to my attention that not enough hand-made artisans realize the ability they have at their fingertips. Collaborating is not a new idea and yet so many of us do not understand the potential it has to increase our sales, visibility, and help create a brand that means more than just a product.

I have listed out 5 ways a collab can help up your small business followed by a HUGE list of ideas that cater to most of our following niches!

5-way Collabs should be in your holiday schedule:

  1. Build Relationships Outside of Your Circle:

    • The main reason I love doing collaborations is that it helps get me out of my bubble. Creating a collaboration with another individual or a few others, allows you, as the maker, to be creative in a whole new way.

  2. Gain a New Audience:

    • One of the best things about working with another maker is they probably have an audience that is not following you BUT could be with a new fun collaboration.

  3. New and Exciting Products make for Repeat Customers:

    • Reach your old customers with a new and exciting opportunity to purchase from you again with a different item that is a little bit unique. By doing a collaboration with others, you are creating a unique chance for previous customers to engage with you.

  4. Get Out of a Rut

    • As a maker myself, I know how easy it can be to get stuck in the rut. This is a great way to move outside your usual schedule programs and products to cultivate a new product that does not have to be the same old, same old.

  5. Cultivate Community

    • Creating a community of like-minded artisans should be a goal for each hand-made maker. Why? Because this allows you to stay focused on creating. You are reading this because YOU are a MAKER, DOER, CREATOR, CULTIVATOR of fun items that people want to BUY, yes, they WANT TO BUY your items. That means you need to have a support system. It is not that hard to do with Instagram where there are THOUSANDS of creators just like you or totally different from you.

List of ideas to Help Inspire Your Small Business Collaborations:

  1. Coffee Maker X Artisan Pottery Mug set

  2. Coffee Maker X Candle scent set

  3. Sticker Maker X every single product out there (stocking stuffers)

  4. Soap Maker X Candlemaker (make a signature set collection)

  5. Plant Mom X Pottery Pot set

  6. Cement Maker X Candle Company candle duo

  7. Cement Maker X Macrame Holder for a hanging planter

  8. Candle Company X Tea Artisan Scent

  9. Earring Maker X Leather Clutch combo

  10. Macrame X Photographer of Landscapes

  11. Pottery X Soap Maker for a Soap Holder

  12. Candle Maker X Apocothery Bath/body scents set

  13. Hot Cocoa X Pottery X Candle combo

  14. Chocolatier X Cement Geometric plate set

  15. Wood Sign maker X Boho Wall Decor combo set for a holiday theme

  16. Jam maker X Custom signature soap scent X Candle Scent gift box

  17. Earring Maker X Plant Key Chain for custom matching earring and key chain

  18. Stationary X every maker cute custom cards based off maker, cute memes

I was just recently on a holiday break with my extended (small) family and we were discussing the holidays. My aunt (type A) said she did not want to get people gifts that were meaningless and without cause. I immediately thought of a handmade collab gift box where all she had to do was purchase and send addresses for each recipient with a fun card. This is the perfect time to start a collab team that can do a fun box that caters specifically to people like this!

Gift Collaborations Worth Thinking About:

  1. a self care gift box targeted at the women we love

  2. a home trinkets and neat things gift box for the savvy house decorator

  3. a mans man package that focuses on products made by men for men

  4. a teens basket aimed at upping their spirits

  5. a kids basket focused on school related items like stationary, pens, and cool items to decorate their desk space

  6. a family themed basket that focuses on something the whole family can do together like garment popcorn, hot cocoa, new mugs or bowl, and a blanket

  7. a pet themed basket thats all about the pet (cat or dog) homemade treats, and toys

  8. a nursery theme basket that includes a Christmas Day outfit, a hat, some teething toys and a book

These are all fun ideas to implement into your business NOW as the holidays will creep up on you and you need to allow your collaborators time to get their items to you and time for you to be able to promote it, photograph it and set up all the logistics.

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