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Etsy Key Word Search

Turn Etsy Keywords into Pinterest Hashtag Goldmines

Why is it important to look into your key words? Your customers are in your key words! How are your customers find you? Through searches (or potentially direct from instagram, which is just as relevant here) you customer base is searching for YOUR products.

For example, our audience is HUGE. It is massive but the umbrella key word is display, stand, shelf. This huge keyword can get lost in the vastness that is stands, shelves and displays. Therefor, we get to niche down on all the smaller topics and strategically hone in on certain audiences like plant stand for plant people or retailers that sell plants or plant moms that want to display a lot of plants. Read more below to get a better understanding of how this works-

How to find your keywords and turn them into hashtags for Pinterest or instagram:

  1. Go to the Marketing tab

  2. Go to Search analytics

  3. From here you can see a table with a bunch of items like impressions, position, visits, conversion rate, revenue, and listings.

    1. impressions: the number of times someone scrolls past your listing

    2. position: where your listing shows up under the keyword on the left

    3. visits: how many times your shop has a visitor

    4. conversion rate: if the click made a sale

    5. revenue: if that keyword is bringing you your target audience

    6. listings: how many of your listings come up under the keyword

From here, I always click on the conversion rate first to see what keywords brings in the most paying customers.

Grab the first 10-15 keywords from each item and turn them into keywords for all your Pinterest pins. This is a good time to come up with a hashtag dump for each keyword. What does that mean? Pinterest will flag your account if you copy and paste the SAME EXACT LIST of hashtags or descriptions. You can get away with reusing a list every now and then but be careful because you could get locked out of your account (like we did!).

Example of a hashtag dump

My keyword: retail display

My hashtag dump from key word:

#retail #display #retaildisplay #moderndisplay #retailexperience #shoppingdisplay #retailstand #retailshelf #retailshelvingunits #retailcustomdisplay #retailhandmadedisplay #shoppingshelf #boutiquedisplays #jewelerydisplay #jewelry #stand #shelfie #shelf #marketingshelf

From this list, I will save it in a google doc (so it is handy on every device wherever I go). Every time I sit down to do my Pinterest posts, I pick from my hashtag dumps for each photo. Hashtags on your Pinterest are game-changing and can help you reach a broader audience.

It can be overwhelming to create mass posts to Pinterest without feeling like a broken record. Hashtag dumps are great because it can let you focus on certain niches where your customers are. For example, we have plant stand, market display, peg board, and pottery holder all in the top key word searches on Etsy. This means, we can create wording specific to each of those targeted niches! We can also cater our content around the different

Be sure to share this with someone looking to grow their handmade business to help them level up their audience!

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