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Email List Building 101

Why Email Lists?

And where do I even begin?


Well, you know this by now: Email lists are important for about every reason in your small business. Vertical Ledge set out on a mission to grow our email list with intention. This meant creating email incentives. At first, we were completely lost and disillusioned we could benefit from an email list but after taking a deep dive, we’ve grown over 1K followers in just a few short months.


Why email lists are important:

  1. Inform customers of sales; make sales

  2. Create a healthy dialogue for updates; cultivating a relationship

  3. 6x more likely to make a sale from an email than any other social media platform

  4. Email is personal, purposeful and targetted

  5. YOU OWN IT; not Etsy or your website host- YOU


What email provider do we use to build our emails in?

FLODESK all the way. If you’re anything like me and DO NOT have the time to craft amazing, stunning, and beautifully worded emails, then FloDesk is your go-to!


FloDesk has amazing capabilities that are not only user friendly but also time-saving.


Things we like about FloDesk:

  1. Best layouts you’ll ever find

  2. Designed for small businesses

  3. User-friendly, super easy to use

  4. Integrates well with Squarespace (what we use)

  5. Schedule your emails in advance

  6. Get workflows started that automate your sales “thank you” strategy

  7. Create audience segments that keep everyone organized

  8. Use landing pages to collect email address without needing a website

  9. Insights from each email campaign

  10. BRANDED designs meant to keep you on track and focused

  11. Mobile-friendly email templates

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Ideas on landing pages to draw customers into your emails:

  1. 10% to join the email list

  2. Free Shipping Code after joining

  3. Offer insiders deals

  4. Offer first come, first serve sales incentives

  5. Sneak Peak offers

  6. Pre-Sale launch specials


Ideas on how to integrate email lists if you do not have a website:

  1. Use a link system like Milk Shake on your Instagram that lets you link multiple sites (view ours out for an example)

    1. create a giveaway where they join your email list to enter

    2. offer a special email only sale code if they join

  2. Use Tailwind to create a linkable link to go to a landing page like FLODESK that will manage all the email subscribers and forms

    1. this is so simple and clean- this way the first way we started building our email database


That wraps it up for a super simple post about emails! Comment if you have more resources and ideas that might help other small business owners out there!



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