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Coffee Roasters Booth Transformation

Coffee Roasters Booth Transformation

Watch us transform the coffee roasters Talking Crow booth here. Talking Crow is based out of Sultan, WA and specialize in brewing single origin specialty decaf coffee.

Before: Pain Points

  • The main struggle for Talking Crow is not being able to display their full variety of products on the tables. They usually can only display one of each specialty brew.
  • They need the tables to store bins of product underneath.
  • The wash station is required when serving coffee but takes away from the booth display.


  • The busy table cloths take away from the clean brand image of Talking Crow.
  • The combine texture of the black tablecloths, the burlap, the plaid, and the white makes for a busy looking booth.
  • The busy feel of the tables takes away from the perceived value of the product.

After: Booth Flip

  • The CART used as a serving station is inviting while still having room to display product.
  • The AFRAME is great for displaying a variety of product and providing additional storage.
  • The Pedestals make for a great check-out station while providing storage for the required wash-station.
  • The combination of displays creates an inviting booth that allows for people to walk in instead of just walking up to tables.


  • Replacing tables with displays creates a flow of movement in the booth.
  • Optimizing booth space with displays allows for product to be showcased to its full potential.
  • People are more likely to come up to a booth that looks clean and polished because the perceived value of the product is elevated.
  • Having a walk-through booth creates a more shop-friendly environment that is interactive.

The Aftermath

Check out reactions here.

  • “This is awesome. Love the tips you’re giving. Makes me think about how to improve my own setup! Thank you”
  • “What an awesome transformation!”
  • “beautiful and like you said though it shouldn’t it does make a difference in the consumers eye/mind. I would be running to this booth to buy what they have.”

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