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Business Ownership Mindset

Consumer mindset VS Business Ownership mindset?

  • Consumer mind is focused on:

    • Buying, getting, receiving

    • Finding deals, comparing products, and getting value from their dollar

    • Being responsible about where their money goes and what they get for their money

  • Business Ownership mind is focused on:

    • What the ROI is on time, products and employees

    • How to find customers, meet the consumer where they are, and add value their their products

    • How to learn, grow and move in the direction of business development

Why is there an importance between the two?

  • Business ownership allows you to step away from receiving and step into serving something of value.

    • Maintaining a strong connection to your ideal customer/client

      • Those business owners who truly understand their customers needs will always maintain a strong relationship

    • Focus on giving value

      • Start to serve your customers/clients rather than selling an item

    • Protecting your biggest asset (especially when its a soloprenuership)

      • You are what makes your business earn money, whatever it is that you make or create, means that it starts with YOU.

      • Protecting your mind allows you to keep the business going

      • If you burn out, overwork or under work, you have the potential to lose your business, or slow your growth

How can you start to implement business ownership?

  • Take risks, they do not have to be grand, but they do need to be often. Taking a risk can look like:

    • Starting a business book

    • Listening to daily podcasts that open your mind and grow your business

    • Signing up for free webinars

    • Signing up with a business coach

    • Hiring an employee

    • Bringing on an intern

    • Scaling large

    • Collaborating with another small business owner

Here are some of our favorite resources for growing and developing the business ownership MINDSET:

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