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Booth Layouts for a 5x5 Space

Are you struggling with limited space in your small 5x5 booth but still want to make an impact at your next trade show or craft fair? The solution is simple: less is more. Vertical Ledge displays are the key to maximizing your limited space while still creating an eye-catching display.


In this YouTube video, we showcase various booth layouts for a 5x5 space using our flat pack displays, which are portable and require minimal to zero hardware. Don't let a small footprint hold you back, let Vertical Ledge help you make the most of your space and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Option 1

  • Aframe 2.0 makes use of vertical space as a taller unit
  • Kiosk is perfect for a check-out station and can hold additional storage
  • Stool is a good addition to any small pop-up- give your legs a rest during longer days
  • Aframe 2.0 ideal for medium to higher volume of inventory
  • Aframe 2.0 not the best for smaller products like stickers and prints


Option 2

  • The 2x Aframe 2.0 maximize all of your vertical space
  • Can hold plenty of inventory: small and large products
  • Bistro table and stool the perfect check-out or interactive space with customers
  • Since all space is being used- there isn't much room to hide additional inventory
  • Must have a higher quantity of product to fill in both Aframes


Option 3

  • Use of vertical space with the DCXL panel- it has adjustable shelving and pegs for any variety of product
  • The Panel comes with grooved shelves for prints and cards
  • The Market Table can be a checkout station or hold additional storage underneath
  • The Panel is lightweight and durable- but is not ideal for heavier or large pottery items
  • Market Table can hold additional storage but it might be best to use a cloth or cover if you want to hide it


Option 4

  • This is the perfect clothing/boutique pop-up
  • The Rack can hold textiles and has a shelf for shoes
  • Bistro Table and Stool are a good checkout and interactive station
  • The Rack is most ideal for textiles and clothing
  • Their isn't a set spot for additional inventory or storage


Option 5

  • The Cart makes good use of horizontal space for an interactive pop-up
  • The Cart has adjustable shelving that can hold plenty of inventory
  • The Cart can come with a cover
  • There is plenty of space for product to be displayed- but not at eye-level
  • The Cart Cover comes separately


Option 6

Pros  Cons
  • The perfect art pop-up
  • The Jamison can hold a variety of products from prints, to beauty, to pottery
  • The Jamison has adjustable dividers for any size products
  • The Bistro and Stool combo are an interactive checkout option
  • The Jamison takes advantage of horizontal space but not vertical space
  • Products are slightly below eye-level
  • Not ideal for high-quantities of inventory


Option 7

  • The DCXL makes use of vertical space effectively
  • The DCXL is compatible with add-ons like the Box
  • The DCXL had adjustable shelves and pegs 
  • The Bistro and Stool are a good check-out combo
  • The DCXL is ideal for higher quantities of products
  • Any extra add-ons for things like jewelry are separate


Option 8

Pros  Cons
  • The Aframe 1.0 comes with multiple configurations
  • Makes use of vertical and horizontal space
  • Ideal for larger products
  • The Aframe 1.0 is a larger unit that packs flat- the heavier weight may be easier to transport with two bags
  • The Aframe's large size makes it harder to use any other display in a tiny space


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