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Best Fit: Stickers

Are you an independent artist or entrepreneur whose products could use a little pizzaz? Have you been searching for the right display without any progress? We're here to take the burden of decision fatigue off your shoulders...

Climb aboard our journey as we show off some of the coolest stands and displays perfect for expressing your creativity. With easily adjustable features that accommodate any size sticker, these unique items will have customers’ eyes glued to your product like never before! Step up with us today towards finding just the right fit display so you can make an impression.

Some things to keep in mind about Vertical Ledge stands before you continue...

  • We have a collection of limited launch and limited edition stands that sell out quickly
  • We have limited stock on hand that is rotated every 3-4 weeks
  • When you invest in a display for your business, it's a tax write-off as "essentials for your business development"

Best Fit For : Stickers

Some things to keep in mind when displaying sticker are...

  • It's best to have a more flat/vertical display for stickers so that your designs can stand up 
  • You want to have at least one or two of each design standing up on display
  • It's ideal for designs to be eye-level for customer to browse easily

  • The DCM and RCM are compatible with the box add-on for a high-volume of inventory
  • Both DCM and RCM have adjustable shelves with grooves 
  • The RCS 2.0 has narrow shelves with grooves 
  • The Grooved is a smaller unit- specifically designed to display stickers, small prints, and cards
  • The Jumbo is ideal for big and small stickers
  • The DCM and RCM are medium units made for a higher volume of product
  • Box add- on is sold separately
  • Grooved for a lower volume of inventory
  • Bags for all these collapsible units are sold separately 

We hope this post is helpful in guiding you to the best fit for YOUR product. Check out this pinterest board for some more inspiration...

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