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Best Fit: Scrunchies

Are you stressed out due to the search for your product's perfect display? Worry no more - we have just what you need! Put all that research and hard work behind, because our solutions will fit like a glove.

Showcase your scrunchies in style and with pride! Whether you're a handmade maker, artisan or small business owner specializing in accessories - having the perfect display to highlight your products is essential. That's why we've brought together our top picks for stands and displays that bring out the best of their beauty while providing reliability, mobility and functionality. Get rid of logistical worries so you can devote all energy on what really matters: Craftsmanship meets presentation at its finest!

Keep these things in mind when shopping our displays

  • Vertical Ledge has limited launch and limited edition stands
  • We have limited stock that is rotated every 3-5 weeks
  • When you invest in a display for your business, it's actually a tax write-off

Best Fit : Scrunchies

Pros  Cons
  • The Jamison has adjustable dividers for filling up product
  • The DCL and RCMH are compatible with the mirror add-on
  • The DCL and RCMH are compatible with the box add-on
  • The Box is ideal for displaying scrunchies
  • Can display scrunchies on large pegs on DCL and RCMH
  • Can hand scrunchies on c-hooks on the RCS and MODO
  • The Jamison is ideal for high volume of product
  • The mirror add-on is sold separately
  • Box add-on is sold separately
  • The DCL is best for larger quantities
  • The RCS and MODO are best for smaller quantities are products (not ideal for jumbo scrunchies)

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