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Best Fit: Jewelry Niche

Are you feeling lost on what display to choose for YOUR business? With all the options out there- decision fatigue starts to set in REAL quick. It can be hard to find exactly what you need when you spend so much time researching

At any given moment, Vertical Ledge has limited launch and limited edition displays that could be YOUR ideal fit. Not to mention, we have limited stock on hand that is rotated every 3-5 weeks.

We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to elevate your business because of the stress that comes with options. That’s why we want to take the burden off of your shoulders and provide you with BEST FIT options for YOUR niche.

At Vertical Ledge, we want to see your business THRIVE by producing effective solutions that elevate your product’s value. Investing in your business is essential to its growth, and a quality display is an investment that WILL benefit your business. 

An added bonus is that any investment into your business is a tax write-off as essentials for your business development.

Best Fit : Jewelry

Jewelry can be difficult to merchandise at times- that's why we're here to show you some effective jewelry display options. Some things to keep in mind when merchandising jewelry:

  • Make sure the displays make the jewelry the main focus- keep it simple.
  • When displaying necklaces, avoid tangling and clutter. Stay organized.
  • Utilize mirrors so that customers have the opportunity to interact with the product.



  • The Grooved has thin grooved shelves that you can slot pre-packaged jewelry into
  • Ideal for earrings, pins, bracelets
  • Holds mostly smaller products
  • Not ideal for necklaces
  • Not compatible with larger VL add-ons
  • The RCL is compatible with our jewelry add-on BIJOUX
  • Mirror add-on can be slotted onto shelves
  • Idea for large volumes of product
  • Only ideal for larger volume of product
  • Not the best option for just one type of product
  • The RCS has smaller c-pegs for necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • Smaller shelves have grooves that can hold earrings
  • Smaller table-top unit
  • Best for smaller volume of product
  • Not compatible with add-ons like the Bijoux or Acrylic Box
  • DCM is compatible with Bijoux
  • Shelves are grooved for displaying jewelry
  • Mirror-add on compatibility- are all products are eye-level
  • Table top unit- it will need a table to be displayed on



We hope this guide is useful for YOU to find the perfect fit. Check out this Pinterest Board and see how our customers are displaying jewelry.

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