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Best-Fit For: Eco-Home

Do you sell environmentally friendly home products? This blog post will cover our top product recommendations for eco-home products- from kitchen essentials to cleaning products- we’ve got you covered.

If you’re tired of doing the research to find a display for your pop-up or retail space, stress no more because we’ve done the work for you. Vertical Ledge displays are aesthetically pleasing, functional for any space, flat-packing, and require little to NO hardware. Set-up and take down our units in minutes. Our displays make visual merchandising a breeze so that your products always stand out.

Some things to note about Vertical Ledge products…

  • Vertical Ledge has limited launch and limited edition stands
  • We have limited stock that is rotated every 3-5 weeks
  • When you invest in a display for your business, it's actually a tax write-off

Best Fit For: Eco-Home Products

Before we get into the pros and cons- here are some tips for display eco-home products.

  • Have testers for products like cleaning supplies, candles, and more so that customer can interact with your displays...
  • Display product bundles if you sell a variety of products- always upsell to get the most out of your pop-up. (cleaning solution and towels together, scrubbers and soap, etc.)
  • Don't overcrowd your displays- keep your best-selling products at eye-level so it's the first thing customers see- replenish products throughout the day.

Pros  Cons
  • The Jamison is great for textiles and towels- the sections have adjustable acrylic dividers.
  • The Jamison has a bottom shelf for extra storage.
  • The DCXL can display anything from soaps in the Box or hand kitchen towels on the pegs.
  • The DCXL is expandable with the insert panel and is wall-mountable for permanent retail spaces.
  • The Aframe 2.0 is great for a wide range of small and large home products- get in a full variety of product with this one.
  • The arch header is removable.
  • The DCM is a great table-top unit for smaller pop-ups- display a ranger of small and large products.
  • The RCS is a good smaller table-top unit for smaller home products.
  • The Jamison is bar height so it's good for filling horizontal space- not vertical space.
  • The DCXL is a full floor unit- great if you're looking to ditch the table and maximize vertical space.
  • The Box add-on must be purchased separately for both the DCM and DCXL.
  • The Aframe 2.0 needs a higher volume of small and large products to fill all that shelving space
  • The DCM is a table-top unit.
  • The RCS is a table-top unit ideal for smaller products.

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