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#15 Monthly Marketing Plan

If you simply plan on seeing what happens, you will always succeed at seeing what happens because something is garuenteed to happen” -Eric Ries 

Monthly Marking Plan

Do you feel stuck when it comes to planning out your monthly marketing schedule for your small handmade business? Check out this TEMPLATE for scheduling out your month along with some tips below.

What is a monthly marketing plan?

  • For us, it’s taking a few hours at the beginning of the month to figure out what we’re focusing on for the month. I love a good plan of attack and the template we share above is the one we use!

Why should your small business be using a marketing plan?

  • To stay consistent in your marketing

    • If you don’t have a plan, you don’t have a plan which means you will likely be sporadic and not focused, leaving your audience feeling underserved.

  • To stay CLEAR in your marketing

    • Again, having a plan means you will be very clear about what you are saying. doing creating and focusing on.

  • To focus on what you are truly achieving (vs what is just filler/noise)

    • It’s easy to just put photos on your feed without any real purpose or intention about it. With a marketing plan, you have a focus point and when you post, it serves and has meaning behind it.

How can you implement the monthly marketing plan into your routine?

  • Start by filling out the main marketing focus:

    • Holidays

      • What holiday sales will you be running?

      • Or sales in general not tied to a holiday?

    • Giveaways

      • What giveaways are you doing?

      • Are you doing a giveaway with someone else?

    • Collabs

      • Are you working with anyone this month on a big project?

    • Launching

      • What do you have launching this month?

    • Testing

      • Educational

      • Inspirational

      • Relatable/Connect

      • Humorous

      • Sell/Promote

      • Repurpose

    • Paid Marketing

      • What types of paid content are you focusing on?

        • think lifestyle selling through a video you can promote (videos do 100x better for us than still photos)

        • Think swipe-able posts (so the audience can get more than just 1 still photo)


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