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#14 Lifestyle Selling

What is lifestyle selling?

  • At its core, it is storytelling at its finest.

  • Lifestyle selling is when a brand evokes connection, and emotions to a product by showcasing the quality of living that would happen when a customer buys their items.

Why is lifestyle selling the BEST way to sell and market your items?

  • Humans want something to connect to. This means that selling a lifestyle that showcases what the product can do to elevate your ideal client's life is the best way to connect.

  • Humans like to FEEL- so creating a lifestyle that evokes human emotions will allow your ideal client to connect with you through feeling.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words which means selling through lifestyle images can do a whole lot more for you than a caption ever will.

How can I sell my item in a lifestyle?

  • Ideal Customer base build-out. The first step in selling a lifestyle is to KNOW your ideal client like actually know them. By building out your ideal customer, you can now move into that space of thinking through how you can elevate your products through lifestyle images. You can target this lifestyle through your branding, photos, and website.

    • Where do they like going?

    • What do they care about?

    • What kind of products do they already use?

    • What are their biggest frustrations?

    • What is the target demographic?

      • Age Group

      • Gender (M, F, both)

      • Location (local, regional, national &/or urban, suburban, rural)

      • Occupation

    • How do they think?

      • Attitudes

      • Lifestyles

    • What are their hobbies?

    • How do they like to get their information?

    • How do they like to communicate?

    • What challenges do they face?

    • How can your product serve them?

    • What pushes them to make purchasing decisions?

    • What is the biggest objection to your product?

  • Ask yourself these questions when thinking about starting to sell more than just a product:

    • Am I selling a product or a lifestyle?

      • Do I have the capacity right now to start moving into selling a lifestyle rather than a product?

      • How much time will I need to make content that now sells a lifestyle?

        • content creation, videos, research and development, editing, and scheduling

3 Tips on how to sell your items right now through the lifestyle lens:

  1. Start making Reels that appeal to more than just your product, but how the product is used in real life

    1. This might be a good time to think of brand ambassadors that might be able to do this for you (or bookmark the idea for later)

  2. Make swipable photos that show off your item in use or at a certain step in the process

  3. Add human elements to your products

    1. If you don’t have a nudhet to hire a model, ask a friend or reach out to a local influencer for some kind of trade

3 Prompt ideas on how to sell your lifestyle:

  1. What are the most loved ways to use/wear/create/style your product? This is the easier way to gather photos that show a lifestyle.

    1. This may mean renting a beautiful airbnb (or using a friends stylish loft or going a local showroom or open house, I know, scandelous), grabbing your girlfriends and heading out for a weekend with your products where you can just have fun creating content in a style way but also relax for a few nights with the girls.

  2. How does YOUR product elevate the quality of living?

    1. what feelings/emotions do you want others to feel with your items? Show this through photos

  3. What kind f lifestyle does your product live in?

    1. it’s time to showcase where your product lives in beautiful spaces (be it in a style home, next to other beautiful items, or in a specific setting). This is where you can add branded elements into your lifestyles shoot



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