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10x10 Booth: Layouts for Different Niches

In today's market, a well-designed booth can make all the difference in capturing customers' attention and boosting sales. That's why we're excited to showcase Vertical Ledge's latest YouTube video, which features different 10x10 booth layout options using our stands. Whether you're a vendor selling artisanal goods, gourmet food products, or handmade jewelry, the right booth layout can help you stand out from the crowd and attract potential customers. This blog post will highlight the different booth layouts featured in the video and explain how they can serve different niches. 

The Importance of Booth Layouts

The way that a booth is organized can have a significant impact on sales and customer experience. It is important to carefully consider the layout of a booth and how it can effectively showcase products and services. Different niches require different approaches to booth design, and there are various layouts that work well for specific types of vendors.

  • For food and drink vendors- it’s best to have an interactive booth layout with a serving or sample station to greet customers. (I.E. a bar-height table or cart)
  • For homeware vendors, think about an experiential booth that feels like a retail shop for customers to walk through and get inspired.
  • If you sell artwork and prints- try to create a gallery-feel with art-work propped up for customers to see instantly.

Best Practices for a 10x10 Booth

Having a 10x10 booth has plenty of benefits- including all the space you have to create a mini retail shop experience. With all the space given, storage is not so much an issue because you have so much space to display products. Here are some tips to maximize the benefits of a 10x10 booth:

  • Creating a focal point can draw customers in and make it easier for them to navigate the space. 
  • Choose displays that maximize vertical and horizontal space- with hidden storage AND display space.
  • Choose a layout that serves your audience- with a 10x10 space you can create a walk-through experience no matter the niche.

10x10 Booth Layouts

Aframe 2.0, DCL, Bistro + Stool, Etagere

  • This layout has plenty of display space- ideal for larger products like home wares.
  • This layout has an interactive space for vendors at the Bistro Table.
  • This layout does not have a lot of hidden storage space.

RCXL, RCS on Bistro, Pull Cart, Etagere

  • This layout is great for a variety of products to hang, fold, or place.
  • Provides a walk-through shopping experience with products at eye-level.
  • Not much room to walk around, but plenty of merchandising space is available.

Stool, DCM on Cart, RCS on Bistro, RCXL

  • This layout is great for mid-sized items like hats, prints, candles, mugs, etc.
  • There is plenty of room to walk-through and experience.
  • There is a hidden storage option with the cart.

Stool, Plain on Cart, Pull Cart, Jamison

  • This layout provides a bin structure for a shoppable experience.
  • The Cart is bar-height and provides a space for interaction and demonstration.
  • This layout is great for art and textiles.

Jamison, DCXL, Bistro and Stool, Pull Cart

  • This layout provides a walk-through and interactive experience.
  • The Jamison is great for art prints and the DCXL can display prints in the Box 2.0 and Canvases on the pegs.
  • This layout does not have a lot of hidden storage space.


A well-planned booth layout can have a significant impact on a vendor's sales and customer experience. Different layouts can serve different niches, and it's essential to consider your target market when choosing a layout. The use of our stands can help vendors maximize their space in a 10x10 booth layout. Tips for organizing a booth layout with different stands include creating a focal point and incorporating samples. It's also important to consider whether an interactive or experiential booth is appropriate for your target market. By carefully considering these factors, vendors can create a booth layout that effectively showcases their products and appeals to their customers. We encourage vendors to explore different layouts and to watch the Vertical Ledge YouTube video for even more booth layout ideas.

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