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Perfect for brand activations, catering events, and enhancing guest experiences. Elevate your venue with a versatile and stylish solution that meets all your FF&E needs.

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Need a multifunctional service cart for your FF&E needs?

More Than One Purpose

The Carrello features additional shelving, signage, and lighting options (coming Fall 2024) for perfect modularity, catering to the dynamic demands of today's hospitality and entertainment environments.

Finally, a cart designed with more than just food in mind.

Merchandising Master

The Carrello boasts exquisite taste and is the perfect merchandising cart for the FF&E industry. Ideal for the hospitality sector, it offers versatile display solutions that cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring both functionality and style in any setting.

Looking to enhance your space with branded experiences?

Transitional Brand Activations

The carrello is the perfect addition to invite brands in providing an ideal platform to invite brands and showcase your town's most loved local businesses during seasonal events. Its versatile design allows for easy customization, making it an excellent choice for displaying a variety of products in any setting.


There when you need it, packed away when you don't


Cart Q&A

With such a unique pop-up style cart, Vertical Ledge has broken down some of the technicalities.

Can the cart be customized in terms of color, branding, or layout?

The pop-up cart features a customizable acoustic tambour wrap. You can adapt this wrap to align with your brand's color scheme or update it for specific occasions. Whether it's for a seasonal event or a marketing campaign, the wrap can be easily changed to suit your evolving needs and preferences.

We can not offer custom logo branding- you'd want to reach out to your local engraving shop.

How easy is it to assemble and maintain the cart?

The Carrello, a bespoke pop-up cart, is engineered for straightforward assembly using a drill to attach various fasteners.

All parts come pre-drilled, complete with comprehensive assembly instructions and a tutorial video for guidance.

To maintain the acoustic front, a lint roller or a combination of warm water and carpet cleaner can be used to gently remove stains. The material of the front is both microfiber and antimicrobial, ensuring cleanliness and durability.

Does the cart meet local regulations or health codes if used for food or beverages?

Currently, the unit meets health and food regulations with all edges of the food-grade safe wood being sealed.

What makes the Carrello unique?

Durable Construction: Made from sturdy Baltic birch, ensuring longevity in busy environments.

Optimal Size: It has specific dimensions to cater to diverse needs.

Versatility: Adjustable inner shelving for different display requirements.

Customization: Changeable acoustic paneling for aligning with branding or seasonal trends.

Sustainability: A made-to-order product, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly practices.


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